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MSP Company | February 26, 2018

What Your MSP Company Should Take Away from MIB 3!

MSP CompanyTime Travel Shenanigans

As an MSP company, you would love it if you could travel in time, identify massive trends and deploy them preemptively. Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that— or is there?

It could be possible to send yourself help that emanates from “the future.” A way to do this would be analyzing causality pertaining to technology decisions throughout your company and among clients. Look at the “Butterfly Effect.” This is an illustration used to describe what is called “chaos theory.” The opposite of chaos is the result–but things seem chaotic because their “cause” is hard to identify.

A butterfly could flap its wings and cause a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. How? The butterfly flaps its wings in time to miss being bitten by a snake, which sails past and right into the face of a jungle traveler who panics and fires a gun, frightening his elephant pack animals into a stampede that breaks through a nearby village as a news crew is doing a human-interest piece. It’s reported as an attack, a conflict breaks out, and the fallout from the fighting results in a climate shift, which affects regular weather patterns and ultimately results in a hurricane.

It’s not that the butterfly flapped its wings and caused the hurricane. It’s that this resulted from a chain of events leading to an ultimate end, and the chain continues. Our world is composed of endless continuing domino effects of this variety.


There’s a film franchise called “Men in Black.” In the third film, a creature called a Griffin—m which is a clairvoyant kind of alien being— is able to simultaneously perceive all dimensions. Parsing through this information takes practice, but it can be done in the world of the film. The creature can see the implications of actions over time. As an MSP company, you can learn to do the exact same thing. You might not do it as well as the film characters, but you might do it more effectively than you realize.

As you deal with prospects and sometimes collaborate with other businesses, you need to be careful that you watch what’s going on. Remember when action A led to consequence— or success— B. Doing so optimizes business and client relationships.

There are several strategic qualities you can apply to regular operations to help you practice this Butterfly Effect utilization:

• Carefully consider decisions before making them
• Look at issues from multiple angles to account for multiple variables

Pattern Recognition

Effectively, these things require a business plan— and your business plan must augment as you move forward and learn. Start by looking at competition and other businesses similar to your MSP who may have encountered issues of the same kind. You can learn from them and put that into your Butterfly Effect business plan.

Get the numbers and acquire appropriate analytics. Today, analytics are more available through Big Data and the cloud than perhaps they’ve ever been. Providing these solutions to clientele makes a lot of sense but using them yourself can additionally help you “see the future.”

For ancient Hebrews, the concept of prophecy wasn’t communicated so much as future prediction. Its definition was closer to pattern recognition. The cyclical nature of human interaction and decision over time was recognized and prophesied. The same patterns exist today. Pattern recognition is itself a technological field.

Big Data analytics give you the information to project accurately where your business could be, where it should be and where it can be over time.

Informed Strategy

Carefully considered decisions based in data secured through available technology can be carefully monitored for success, failure or some degree of either. This information can be applied to whatever business plan you’ve designed to best serve your MSP.

You can’t just use the numbers, though. Statistics can’t totally predict the future because they cannot possibly account for all variables. You may be right to invest in one direction, but a conflict in a country providing economic infrastructure for your primary clientele could make it so they no longer have funds to buy from you. That’s an unpredictable variable. Plan as best you can and consider multiple variables to achieve the greatest success for your MSP company.

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