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MSP Company | February 25, 2018

Does Your MSP Company Have a Story to Tell?

MSP CompanyIf you want your MSP company to be successful, you need a story to tell. Your story expresses your company’s goals, origins, and culture. It should tell your clients who you are, and more importantly, why they should choose you over your competitors.

Most marketing companies recommend that you craft your story in a way that makes it perfect for social media sharing. Their theory is that if you shape your story in a careful way, you can connect with a wider audience. Appealing to your client’s emotions is one of the best ways to develop brand loyalty.

Not all MSP businesses have the type of story that resonates with website visitors. Potential clients may be looking for a large company with many employees and faster services. Small MSPs without a physical office or those run by only one or two people may not have the type of conversion story their prospective clients are searching for. While it is possible for small-scale operations to get ranked, this does not necessarily translate to sales.

If this is the case with your MSP company, there are still ways you can attract new clients. Redefining your company’s core values is the best place to start. Your story should include details that your prospective clients can relate to, while downplaying any aspects of your story they may find unappealing.

Redefine “Value”

Certain companies define their value based on the volume of sales. This may lead to short-term success, but does not guarantee longevity, especially in today’s market. You need to stand out, not just as a business, but as a brand your clients connect with. This means redefining your value as why you matter in the market and what sets you apart from your competition.

Ask yourself what you do that makes the lives of your customers easier. Explore that quality, thinking about how you manage to meet that objective and why it’s important to your corporate culture. This gives your clients a reason to relate to your company, regardless of size.

Focus on Your Strengths

Avoid the temptation to mention your small size, even if it just to emphasize the power of the rest of your operation. Remember that you are trying to appeal to companies that are looking for large operations with fast and reliable services. Do not distract them or dissuade them from learning more about your superior services by mentioning your size.

Connect on a Human Level

Even though you are marketing to other businesses, you need to connect to the individual making the purchasing decision. This means telling your story in a way that appeals to their emotions. Emotive storytelling is a proven way to attract loyal customers and develop long-lasting brand loyalty.

Many marketers mistakenly develop this connection by revealing the small-scale nature of the company’s operations. If you are trying to reach out to clients, you need to take a different approach. For example, when talking about your brand’s history, focus on the “why” of your creation rather than the how. Focus on the gap in the market your company fills, explaining why you are the best brand to fulfill your prospective client’s needs.

Your small-scale MSP company can still attract a strong customer. Following the tips above can help you find ways to redefine your brand’s value, connecting with more customers despite your company’s small size. You may also want to consider hiring an SEO or marketing company to help you use this new vision to reach out, expanding your customer base. As long as you craft your story carefully, even small-scale business and one-person operations can become incredibly successful.

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