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MSP Business | February 21, 2018

Does Your MSP Business Website Factor in Lazy Prospects?

MSP BusinessWorking with Customers on Their Terms

Your MSP business is going to encounter many different types of clients. Some of them aren’t going to operate on the kinds of timetables you are used to or ones that may ultimately be the most profitable for all parties concerned.

Consider this: those who are searching for something on the web may be less inclined to engage in close exploration. The web is convenient, and clients using it to source things like MSP support are likewise hunting for convenience. Maybe it’s fair to call them lazy, maybe not. However, what you’re likely to experience is users of this type taking very little time to look at your site before moving on. Accordingly, you don’t want to give such potential leads any reason to waste time. Contact details should be immediately available. It may even make sense to have a digital pop-up bot that interacts when a newcomer accesses your page. Be careful, though; these things can be irritating if they’re not properly managed.

What you want is a ubiquity of means by which clients interested in your service can contact you. Additionally, these means of contact should be designed into your website so that they are easy to see and convenient to employ. Three primary ways leads should be able to reach you include:

• Phone
• Email
• Chat

All three should be prominently displayed in areas the eye is naturally drawn to on your company web page. Working with professional web designers is eminently advisable. Your header should have a call-to-action button or something similar, and there should be easy avenues into conversion throughout your site.

Further Lead Capture Techniques

Additionally, have areas where a potential client can enter their email address to sign up for a newsletter or something of the like. Your MSP business may have products or services certain leads just don’t need— yet. When they need them, if they’re on your mailing list, just clicking on a link sent their way could be convenient. Such convenience is amenable to clients who already can’t be bothered to search for MSP solutions beyond the internet.

Something else your site would benefit from is a design that’s friendly to mobile devices. It may not necessarily be true that your clients are lazy or lack ambition. They could be incredibly busy and always on the go. Ergo, their mode of internet interaction tends to be through mobile device. Tablets, smartphones and other devices shouldn’t bar clients from viewing your site. You want to ensure that you’re available to the mobile market, as it is an increasingly dominant component of today’s online world. By March of 2017, 80% of top websites on Alexa were mobile-ready. That trend has not diminished.

If you’ve got a mobile-friendly site, it only makes sense to have some convenient app to provide there. This will get users to more continuously interact with you. If you’ve got a game, or a weather device, or a calculator, or some time-saving utility that simultaneously advertises your company, this can result in a conversion.

Repetition of Contact

What you’re looking to do is increase the means by which you can contact and be contacted by, your prospective clients. Leads should be contacted at least five times according to the literature. Now, five contacts don’t guarantee a sale. Basically, it increases the likelihood. Lazy or non-responsive leads could come around with time. It may very well be that their conversion has only been suspended by their lack of willingness to deal with transition. However, many of your leads will work for companies who need service. Eventually, operational needs could drive those leads to convert. If you’ve been regularly contacting them at intervals, in different ways that aren’t intrusive, you may end up hitting them at a time when they’ve decided to make the switch. At the very least, you’ll have ingrained yourself in their mind in reference to MSP services. They’ll have an increased likelihood of contacting you out of the blue later on.

Upgrading Your Outbound Marketing Strategy

Your MSP business needs to take into account the multiple angles from which potential clients are likely to come. Enacting such strategy can increase conversions.

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