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MSP Business | February 7, 2018

Is Your MSP Business Prepared to Fire an Argumentative Staff Member?

MSP BusinessThere are enough natural challenges silhouetting business management that you need to cull any of the “unnatural” ones you can. For example, a defect in your product line should be fixed. The same is true for services. As an MSP business, you need to be sure that whatever you provide is at its most amenable for clients and employees. There’s a balance here and achieving it should happen naturally over time. One of the most jarring things is an employee who has turned against you. It may look something like the following.

The employee gets wind of changes in operations that will redirect your company. For one reason or another, this individual begins to circulate doubts pertaining to your leadership. This individual continues to question you as you move forward and has a relentless quality to them. These inquiries become more heated the closer you get to final implementation of your goal. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you should know that you’ve got an argumentative employee on your hands, and they’ll undermine you where they can to achieve their own purposes.

You’ve got several options here: ignore the behavior, cultivate it, or excise it. If you ignore the behavior, it will negatively impact your business and could end you. If you cultivate it, you may find some valuable information that can help you achieve greater balance; but this is going to be more difficult for smaller enterprises, and risky for larger ones. The best strategy here is to identify such employees early on and remove them from your MSP business before they start causing serious trouble. Several characteristics you can look for to determine whether you’ve got such an individual on your hands include:

• Nonchalant, dispassionate attitude
• Increasing absences
• Diminishing productivity
• Argumentative nature
• Dissent-sowing nature
• Insistence on maintaining bad behavior (it’s just my personality!)


You’ve likely heard it said that attitude is everything. There’s a lot of truth to this. You can’t force a good one, and you can’t change a bad one. All you can do is suggest possible changes and hope those suggestions are taken. An employee with a bad attitude will be at odds with you perpetually. If this attitude can’t be corrected, such an employee will certainly pose a threat to your company.

Increasing Absences

Employees who have a problem with your leadership and are argumentative generally won’t have qualms about taking as many late clock-ins and absences they can get away with. This will hurt your business at a statistically measurable rate over time. Allow absences, and allow for unexpected situations, but monitor such individuals closely.

Diminishing of Productivity

When you’ve got a bad attitude and don’t want to be at work, you’re not going to be productive. A decrease in productivity is bad for your MSP. Employees who aren’t trying to “go the extra mile” at least some of the time are likely to negatively impact your business most of the time.

An Argumentative Nature

Employees who argue with you constantly likely have some attitude, don’t want to be at work, and have dipped in their level of productivity. If they haven’t, nature itself is enough of an impediment. Healthy back and forth is worthwhile, but argumentation is just a time waster. Don’t be bullied by your own staff.

A Sower of Dissent

Keep an eye on employees who keep the company of your argumentative problem techie. If they start acting like he or she does, you may have a sower of dissent among your ranks. Excising such a dissent-spreading agent is recommendable.


Sometimes you’ll confront someone about activities like this, only to be told in no uncertain terms that such activity merely represents their personality. That means they’ve decided they’re right, you’re wrong, and they won’t change. Likely because they want to be lazy about some simple task, but who knows. Excise such an individual from your team.

Better Functionality

An MSP business that identifies problem employees and either puts them elsewhere in the organization or excises them will be more productive and effective. Recognize the traits and know when it’s time to say goodbye.

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