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IT Marketing | February 17, 2018

What IT Marketing Secrets Are in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?

IT MarketingIT marketing needs to have its own “flavor.” You can’t appropriate from another marketing provider. Doing that is rather like the character Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. In this Disney film, a mythical land designed around Halloween has a sort of mascot/prince character who experiences Christmas and becomes so enamored of the idea that he tries to bring about a Halloween knock-off. Though Skellington had good intentions, all he ended up doing was messing things up.

As an MSP, you don’t want to make that mistake. Tactics, gimmicks and “workarounds” from other companies have already been used and will be recognized. Even if you can get them to work for you a few times, you’re not going to get such tactics to work for you every time. Relying on them perpetually will eventually result in some level of stagnation. What you want is to stand out as unique from the others. Following are seven strategies to help you make this happen:

• Show your advantages in contrast
• Diversify your service suites
• Provide insight and consultation
• Know the industry of targets and clients
• Ensure you’re not annoying
• Ensure the customer has a positive experience
• Properly hire team members who are personable and intelligent

Advantages in Contrast

You don’t want to do any mudslinging, but that doesn’t mean you avoid properly empathizing with a client who has had a bad technology experience. However, this shouldn’t be a goal. A better way to do it is to show your services and contrast them with competition in areas where you clearly have an advantage. This is straightforward IT marketing that communicates both your value and your uniqueness.

Diversify Your Service Suites

Don’t just provide a-la-carte service packages. Additionally, don’t just provide packaged solutions. Give clients the choice of individualized services or services that have been packaged together. Offer discounts and allow clients to mix and match a little bit and customize existing packages. Also, offer options based on what your clients purchase. This can help you diversify your service suites in a unique way that’s most likely to affect your target market positively.

Provide Insight and Consultation

Give your clients consulting at a fee and offer insight as well when they come to you seeking service. It’s okay to give out a little free advice here and there, but you want the consulting provision in your back pocket to avoid being exploited.

Know the Industry of Targets and Clients

Keep numbers on what your clients need, what they use, what they upgrade to, what they downgrade from and where similarities occur. This can help you best serve them and help you acquire similar clients in the same industry. The industry that primarily describes your clients will have a number of features that remain the same. Find them and work them into both service delivery and outbound marketing.

Don’t Be Annoying

You want to contact prospects multiple times for the greatest success, but you don’t want to annoy them. One way to do this is to contact them in five different ways. Voice, text, phone, email, social media and outbound mail are all ways of establishing some contact. So are instant messages and promotional giveaways. Establish ways to keep your clients and prospects appraised of your position without bugging them.

Ensure Your Customer Has a Positive Experience

Whatever happens, you want your clients to feel positively about their interactions with you. This doesn’t always happen easily. You need the right people and the right attitude among them. Additionally, you can help “chum the waters,” as it were, through marketing by having an entertaining outbound campaign surfeited by entertaining salespeople.

Personable, Intelligent Team Members

Find the right people. You don’t want Jack Skellington on the toy assembly line at the North Pole; he’ll make bad toys. To get the right people with the right attitudes, hire well.

Marketing Efficiency

Take a look at your current marketing efforts and refine your strategy. IT marketing with the right people providing positive experiences that aren’t annoying and pertain directly to the industry of your clients can be successful. Providing insight, consultation, contrasted services and unique solutions is also recommended.

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