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MSP Marketing | February 1, 2018

A Little Knowledge About SEO Can Be Dangerous for an MSP Marketing Campaign!

MSP MarketingIn the competitive world of MSP marketing, SEO strategies are more important than ever. Not knowing the ins and outs of SEO can put your business on the fast track to disaster. Search engines send organic traffic to your website, so using effective SEO is crucial for more visits to your website, which results in leads and more sales.

5 Biggest SEO Mistakes

If you recognize the biggest SEO mistakes, you can learn how to avoid them. MSP marketing relies on effective search engine optimization techniques for driving traffic to websites, blogs, and social media pages. Here are a few of the most harmful SEO practices used by small businesses that lack SEO knowledge:

1. Ignoring website

Creating a website is a necessity for small businesses to attract prospects. The problem is that many companies ignore their website content after publishing the website. If you optimize your website, your visitors will constantly grow.

In order to position your website at the top of the search engine pages, you should constantly add relevant, educational content to your pages. Quality content targets the keywords your audience searches for, so keyword research needs to be part of your SEO strategy. Update your keywords regularly to meet the demand of your target audience who want immediate results from their searches.

2. Not using analytics

If you’re not using Google Analytics or some other type of analytics tracking, then you won’t know what’s working on your website. If you don’t know if your site attracts targeted visitors, then you can’t make improvements.

Tracking visitors helps you analyze the following types of data:

• Visitors following links to your site from other websites
• Searches coming from all the major search engines
• Data about the quality traffic to your site
• Keywords used to find your website
• Bounce rate of visitors and, how long they stayed on your site
• Data about new and return visitors

3. Unaware of eye tracking

If you’re unaware of the eye-tracking research that shows which part of a web page that receives the most attention from visitors, your website may suffer. Research on eye tracking conducted by the research firm in 2005 showed that most visitors focused on the upper-left area of web pages. This area became known as the ‘Golden Triangle.’ Updated research in 2014 by Google SERP showed that visitors changed from the upper-left quadrant to eyes that scan vertically.

Being aware of current eye-tracking trends can help you create websites, blogs, and metadata that attract visitors to your site.

4. Not creating content for search engine crawlers

Search engines evaluate the quality of content on your web pages using crawlers and indexing programs. This evaluation determines whether your web page produces unique content. The results decide where your page will fall on the query results page. If you don’t provide high quality, relevant content regularly, you have a lower possibility of landing on the search pages.

When creating fresh content for your website and blog, think about how it can raise you above the competition. It’s important to know which branded keyword phrases to target and provide relevant information that creates brand awareness.

Keep in mind the reading level of your content and the length of your sentences. Your content should encourage user interaction and link sharing that builds trusting relationships with your audience. You should be an authoritative resource in the MSP industry.

5. Don’t understand the target audience

Understanding the target audience is important for SEO success. Many businesses don’t gear their content toward their audience but create generalized content. Focus each of your web pages toward the particular problems your audience face. In this way, you can identify the appropriate targeted keywords for attracting them.

Focusing on SEO should be the main goal of your MSP marketing campaign. Effective digital marketers learn all they can to develop their SEO skills and implement them for sustainable business growth. Not knowing enough about the challenges of SEO will limit your achievable goals and objectives for your business. To be successful, you need to bring together the latest SEO tactics that relate to the MSP market, your business, and your competition.

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