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MSP Business | February 28, 2018

Lessons Your MSP Business Can Learn from Marvel Superheroes

msp busienss“Bye” Thor’s Hammer!

Your MSP business can learn a lot from both the character arcs of protagonists in Marvel’s film depiction of the comic book universe and the success of the film series itself. First, let’s look at one of the most iconic Avengers, Thor.

Thor is an extraterrestrial from the celestial kingdom of Asgard who has supernatural abilities owing to his heritage. He makes a few mistakes and finds himself banished to Earth, with his “Mjolnir,” or magic hammer, revoked. Soon, this demigod has a culture shock: the feeling of essential mortality. What he’s got to learn is how to be a “good guy” without running around with a magic hammer smacking the baddies into oblivion.

Here’s the takeaway for your MSP: just because you have brilliant services doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get clients. You can’t just “rest on your laurels.” What you need to do is keep the sales door open by not misstepping. Sure, you’ve got “superhero”-like technology capabilities that serve to provide cost-effective solutions for clients. However, you can’t just expect prospective clients to believe you right off the bat. You’ve got to show what you’re made of; you can’t just throw a magical hammer of pedigree.

Accordingly, when considering both the character arc and the series of films that characterize the Avengers of Marvel comics, several applicable tips for your MSP emerge:

• Have an endgame in mind, and make it an ambitious one
• Design a team of skilled people to facilitate your vision
• Challenge is an instigator of growth, so embrace it

Have an Ambitious Endgame in Mind

Your MSP business needs to not just have an endgame in mind, but one that is also ambitious. Here’s the deal: if you shoot for the moon, you’ll get your projectile further than if you shoot for a mountain. Even if you don’t find the “Asgardian,” “Elysium,” “Nirvana” or “Heaven” of your mind’s eye, you’ll certainly get further if you aim higher. So, have a direction your MSP is building toward, make it ambitious and continuously strive for excellence.

This is what the creators of the Marvel superhero film franchise have done. Just like the characters in their movies have come together into a super group with exceptional goals, the films themselves developed as a result of similar planning. Those who made the Marvel films had to plan years in advance, acquire a budget, hire the right people, write the screenplays, film everything and match it all up. It’s quite the undertaking but look at the success! Your MSP is going about a similar kind of operation, just in a different professional arena.

Build a Skilled Team

Find the best people for the job, hire them, work with them, stretch them and take care of them. Additionally, you need to keep an eye on your people, as the most talented ones also tend to have issues you may not have expected. Sometimes, these can manifest in disagreements with teammates. To avoid this, you want to be “in the trenches” with them as much as possible. The Avengers do this, and the production team of the franchise had to do this in order to keep so many people cohesively working together in a successful way.

Embracing Challenges

You are going to have difficulties. Do not lose heart. Whenever you face a challenge and overcome it, you emerge stronger and able to face greater challenges. It’s rather like working out in the gym and steadily building muscle. The Avengers had to do this in multiple films as they rose from normal men and women to superheroes. The makers of the series have experienced the same kind of growth as the films have become successful, garnered profit and predicated increasingly escalating sequels.

Having a Super-Charged MSP

If your MSP business embraces challenges with a strong team that operates with an established endgame in mind, you’re likely going to have an increased propensity to overcome obstacles successfully, while steadily facilitating increased profit. These things are certainly easier to write than to do, but you will be surprised at what you can accomplish should you continue pushing against obstacles.

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