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MSP Marketing | February 25, 2018

Lessons Your MSP Business Can Learn from “The Hunger Games”

msp businessDystopian novel (and movie franchise) ‘The Hunger Games’ has a lot to teach MSP business owners about surviving in today’s competitive market. ‘The Hunger Games’ focuses on Katniss, a young girl pit against 23 others in a fight for survival. Throughout the book, and the subsequent film, Katniss must learn valuable lessons to stay alive in the battle dome.

These lessons ensured Katniss’ success and survival throughout the games. They are also applicable to the business world. Learning them can help you and your company thrive, even when pit against stronger or larger competitors. Katniss wasn’t the strongest, but she was adaptable, clever, and driven to win. Incorporating these qualities and the following lessons into your business plan can ensure you to succeed.

Recognize Your Strengths

Katniss knew that she did not have a physical advantage over her competitors. She was not the fastest nor the strongest, but she was skilled with a bow and arrow. Her strategy in the dome was crafted around that strength.

Learn from Katniss, and spend some time thinking about what your strengths as an MSP business are. Do you provide fast customer service? Are your technicians highly educated? Recognize your strengths and use them to your advantage in marketing campaigns and when interacting with new customers.

Focus on the Basics

When Katniss was training for the games, she opted to focus on the basics of survival. She could have attended combative classes, meant to help her succeed in a physical fight. Instead, she focused on developing skills that would complement her natural strengths, increasing her odds of success.

Similarly, your company should focus your marketing efforts on the basics you need to survive. Once you learn your strengths, include them in your advertisements and company pitches. Avoid spreading your marketing efforts too thin or competing against bigger brands in fights you cannot win. For example, you may not be able to afford an ad in a national newspaper, but you can target your local community through social media posts and advertisements.

MSP companies should also avoid offering services before they have fully developed a servicing plan. Again, learn from Katniss and only focus on what you can successfully provide. Wait until the moment is right before announcing expansions or additional services to avoid disappointing your market with subpar products.

Market Your Honest Self to Your Audience

‘The Hunger Games’ are observed by citizens throughout the dystopian society. As a result, competitors try to market themselves in a specific way, in the hopes of attracting wealthy sponsors. These sponsors then send their preferred combatants gifts to help them survive. Katniss struggles with this concept for part of the story, uncertain what role she should fulfill. It isn’t until she decides to market her true self that she receives much-needed gifts.

Incorporating this lesson into your own business plan means marketing yourself honestly. Customers can see through fake advertisements and false promises. Instead, market your brand as it is, focusing on your corporate culture or fantastic customer service, rather than making lofty claims about your company size or history.

Part of this involves learning what your target audience wants in an MSP company. Conduct market research, focusing on your consumers and potential clients. When you market your brand next, focus on the qualities they look for most.

Standing apart from your peers is important, both in the battle dome and in today’s marketplace. Companies with weak strategies and poorly developed plans cannot succeed. Thriving companies know how to compete. By incorporating the lessons Katniss learns throughout ‘The Hunger Games’ into your marketing strategy, your MSP business can gain a bigger market share, outperforming your competitors.

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