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IT lead generation | February 22, 2018

Can IT Websites Accomplish Lead Generation at the Bottom of Page One?

IT Lead GenerationLead Generation Isn’t Confined to the Top Links

IT lead generation should still happen, even if your keywords haven’t gotten you to the top of the first search engine results page (SERP). SERPs have a certain statistical number of clicks, which include those at the bottom of the first page and toward the top of the second. You should see your traffic increase, even if you don’t have one of the top positions that come from a keyword of high volume. When traffic increases, leads should as well. If they don’t, there may be something else wrong that you need to think about.

Even the 15th link on a SERP listing has .4% of the traffic share. That may not sound like much, but .4% of one million views is still 40,000. If you can get so high on a keyword that’s been dominated by other businesses and experience only a 1% conversion rate, that’s still 400 conversions. The more conversions you make, the more money you can expend toward online marketing solutions that further expand your share of traffic.

Everything Accounted For

However, it’s not enough just to increase conversions. You’ve got to make each new conversion count. Online marketing requires time. You’ve got to build a reliable, allegorically stationary point. What does that mean? Well, there are no truly “stationary” points on the web, but there are sites that come to be hubs. The more traffic you are able to pull in, the more you should be able to pull in. This should allow you to branch out over time. IT lead generation techniques make this possible, but they need funding. Look at conversions from your online marketing efforts as opportunities to hone those efforts.

Content Considerations

Continuous content marketing campaigns can be an integral component of online lead generation. Additionally, you want to use meta-tags, you want to have headings and subheadings in abundance and you want to have the right concentration of keywords. Paragraphs need appropriate spacing, the font needs to be of a kind that’s most readable online, and a visual element is worth considering. All these things together make professional MSP marketing in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques from professional providers strategically critical.

An MSP business needs to have an edge in terms of technology, service provision and outbound marketing. If you’re conducting your online marketing campaigns internally, you may have some success, but you’ll statistically operate at a diminished percentage of return on investment (ROI). Here’s a way to think about it: if an internal solution could hypothetically operate at a success rate of 60%, maybe the professional solution would be at something closer to 90%. Why? Your MSP competes with other agencies by maintaining the cutting edge. SEO agencies likewise keep abreast of changes characterizing the industry.

Branching Out

Many agencies will advise you to use multiple means of online marketing. SEO optimization is very productive today, and Social Media Marketing (SMM) and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns all have their role to play. Some of these will work better for your MSP than others. If you want to save time, professional service providers can help give you an idea of what other businesses similar to your own did in terms of their marketing strategies.

You definitely want to learn from peers, as well as competitors. Keep an eye out for the techniques they use and their level of success in the market. There may be a marketing correlation worth taking into account. Altogether, strategies to employ for the most cohesive online marketing solutions include:

• SEO, SMM and PPC Campaigns
• Consideration of Peer and Competitor Strategy
• Utilization of Professional Online Marketing Options
• Examination of Existing Marketing to Determine Necessity of Change

If you’re seeing traffic within the top 15 SERP links through your contemporary content marketing campaign, going a little bit more in-depth could be the strategy you need to expand conversions.

Marketing Optimization

IT lead generation that has multiple areas of focus and is informed by professional support options is likely to be more profitable. If you haven’t looked into such solutions, they could be the key to netting you the conversions you should be seeing from online marketing.

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