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IT Marketing | February 21, 2018

What You Can Learn from “The Princess and the Frog” about Determination and Hard Work in IT Marketing

IT MarketingAll Hard Work Leads to Profit

IT marketing may not seem to be doing your company the good you expected, but you’ve got to consider the whole picture in order to determine what’s really going on. Here’s a great example to help illustrate the point: imagine you work 12 hours a day for five years at a construction agency, then get fired through someone else’s underhanded activity. You end up being a fall guy for some backstabbing type. Now, it feels as though five years of perfectly scheduled 12-hour-a-day labor has come to naught! However, then you get a job that only requires eight hours a day from you and pays more. As an added bonus, since you’re used to working harder for longer periods of time, you’re able to develop yourself and put more quality into your output. This turns into a promotion to a position you couldn’t possibly have attained in construction. Since you were unfairly dealt with, you were able to transition to a better place. Similar things can happen with marketing for IT.

You may have a department that works in one area for years and always seems on the edge of a breakthrough, but no breakthrough comes. Then, they’re forced to focus their energies elsewhere. It may seem that the time spent trying to succeed in a way that didn’t was useless, but it wasn’t. Data was collected, and unsuccessful means of gaining leads were defined. This means that they can be avoided in the future. With a slight tweak of direction, all that was learned can come spilling out suddenly, facilitating success.

Now, here’s a bit of a fairy tale allegory. Remember “The Princess and the Frog” movie? The moral of the story was that regardless of the blows life hits you with, determination and hard work do make dreams come true, even if they don’t seem to bring the solution you sought immediately. Tiana didn’t give up on her dream of owning her own restaurant. She had setbacks, but what she learned along the way made her dream possible! Your business can do the same. Following are several tips worth considering helping ensure that you keep fighting the good fight:

• Remember the Goal
• Get Help When You Need It
• Ensure a Good Attitude
• Refrain from Panicking

Remember the Goal

IT marketing needs to keep its eye on the prize always. Difficulties will arise, but if the team seeking new leads keeps fishing in the seas of business, it’s going to have expanded working ability given time. When you’ve got a goal, you can push yourself harder to achieve it. If you don’t know where you’re going, then it’s hard to know how hard to push. Pick a point on the IT seas, and head that direction.

Get Help When You Need It

Look into SEO agencies and other online marketing solutions specializing in assisting MSPs. These help you avoid common mistakes that MSPs make in marketing. Additionally, they can help more effectively maximize resources you already have. Don’t try and push through on your own steam. Seek advice. These things will help you succeed and increase both determination and capacity for hard work. If you see someone has successfully done what you seek, then you know it can be done. This helps make work feel less futile.

Ensure a Good Attitude

Perhaps the easiest and most difficult entry on this list is attitude. You can’t force anyone’s attitude, so you need to make this part of your hiring process. You want marketers who have a good attitude and can maintain it over time. Marketing can be very disheartening. Bad attitudes compound losses.

Refrain from Panicking

If you panic and start throwing “Hail Mary passes” in terms of marketing, you’re going to waste your marketing budget and demoralize yourself. Do not panic.

Never Give Up

IT marketing must, above all, never give up. Your MSP needs to reach a point of sustainable operational ability and growth. Marketing is necessary to find that equilibrium. Once you’ve got it, you can be secure in a financial sense, but don’t give up until you’re there.

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