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MSP Marketing | February 15, 2018

What ‘Bruce Almighty’ Can Teach You About Reaching Your MSP Marketing Goals!

MSP MarketingNo Silver Bullets

MSP marketing doesn’t have some magical operational silver bullet that will suddenly alleviate all difficulty and produce unanimous success. “Shortcuts” often end up requiring more work than patience and concerted effort. The key is perseverance, but that’s not all. A brief look at Bruce Almighty, a Jim Carey film from 2003, might help demonstrate the reality of the situation.

In Bruce Almighty, Morgan Freeman’s “God” gives Jim Carey’s Bruce all his powers. Even with all those powers, Bruce is unable to force his girlfriend to love him. This is because the forcing of free will isn’t something God does. Similarly, when it comes to your MSP business, you’ll find that all the money in the world can’t actually force successful operations. Sure, it could provide a cushion where bad service may be supported by existing resources for a while, but that would run out eventually.

The truth is that old-fashioned hard work is the only real way to achieve the sustainable, reliable success you’re aiming for. If you don’t have the strategic, determined work ethic necessary, no money can force success. Basically, you may just end up throwing resources away on a variety of ill-conceived strategies. To avoid doing that, consider these four MSP marketing strategies:

• Preparation
• Sales Grind/Hustle
• Making the Proper Network Connections
• Being Patient and Persevering


You need to know what you’re getting into and prepare for it. For example, if you’re using content marketing solutions to reach diverse clientele, six months to a year is a reasonable expectation for ROI observation. Return on Investment may come in different ways and take different lengths of time to arise. What you need to do is understand a “ballpark” range where success may fall. Additionally, you need to consider what you can do to best facilitate that. Not everything can be anticipated, but if you do the mental footwork beforehand, you’ve got an increased likelihood of both identifying and resolving issues before they become problematic.

Sales Grind/Hustle

Sales has always been a bit of a grind. Your team needs to be ready and willing to work at it until you reach a point of “cruising altitude” where statistical variance doesn’t reduce forward expansion. Be prepared to hustle. Be prepared to grind. In Bruce Almighty, even though Bruce had God’s powers, he still had to work at his relationship. If you’ve got all the money in the world, you’ve still got to channel it properly.

Making Proper Network Connections

You need to network regularly. There’s no substitute for connections. There’s an old sentiment you’ve likely come across. It’s not so much the things you know, as it is the people you know, which ultimately defines success. This is very true in the MSP arena. What you want to do is find clients, companies and connections that both support and assist in the expansion of your business. The best way to successfully do this is through the facilitation of a win-win scenario. You make it so that those with whom you network get something out of the arrangement. This is called “quid pro quo” in the Latin— something for something, basically. If you’re networking with vendors, send them around to clients where vendor services eclipse your needs. Establish this relationship, and those vendors may bring you more clients. In marketing, you might see where you can co-mingle your outbound efforts with other similar marketing providers.

Being Patient and Persevering

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Nothing is likely to happen immediately. If it does, this may actually be a bad thing, as it will leave your marketing team ill-equipped for dry spells that must necessarily come. You need to be willing to overcome issues and obstacles, like time and budgetary constraints, through patient, professional service provision.

Achieving Goals

MSP marketing solutions can’t just contend for more resources. They must also do the hard work necessary to facilitate them. Just like Bruce had to work for his lady, your MSP will have to work for its clients. So, plan accordingly, and be patient. With all hard work comes profit.

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