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MSP Marketing | January 4, 2018

MSP Marketing Strategies to More Cohesively Sell The Cloud

msp marketingAn MSP marketing campaign that is aspiring to sell cloud computing to potential clients does have a bit of an uphill climb, but it’s not so hard a sell as some other tech innovations. Cloud computing, when properly applied, is going to save a business much more than it costs. The savings aren’t always direct, however. In many cases, they have a collateral nature which requires some exposition. Following are several chief strategies pertaining to the cloud that are worth communicating with existing and prospective clients:

• Cloud computing fundamentals
• Analogous descriptions
• Benefit exposition
• Objection deflection
• Varying models of cloud deployment

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

In your MSP marketing, the first thing you should do is to concentrate on communicating the fundamentals of the cloud. Cloud computing is a little different than traditional computing because it doesn’t rely on a single server or an internal computer solution. Cloud computing combines servers into a single cohesive unit which can be used to magnify and expand computational abilities. If one computer can process a terabyte in an hour, for example, two could do it in a half hour, three could do it in twenty minutes, four could do it in fifteen, five could do it in twelve, six in ten, etc. A thousand servers in an array could process that same terabyte in 3.6 seconds. Such an array is used like a digital apartment complex. Businesses rent “space” and share it; but since the speed is so vastly expanded, cloud computing providers can often serve a large number of clients.

Analogous Descriptions

An analogy was used in the earlier point– that of the apartment complex. Cloud computing isn’t terribly complicated, but if you use a bunch of technical jargon to describe it, you’ll likely see the eyes of prospects slowly glaze over as they lose the “thread” of the conversation. If you want clients to understand you, you want to use terms and word pictures they can understand. So instead of saying cloud computing uses a server array to maximize data utility and storage, say cloud computing has servers like the pixels on a computer screen or the lights on a Wall Street billboard. Each individual light is unremarkable, but when combined with thousands of others, it makes a big picture that can be seen for miles. Find ways of communicating which don’t require direct descriptions of tech.

Benefit Exposition

After you’ve analogously explained the fundamentals, it’s time to show how those fundamentals directly apply to potential or existing clients who are looking for cloud services. One benefit is outsourcing your internal server array and the costs associated with it to the cloud. This provides the same computational power for a fraction of the cost and saves businesses large and small tens of thousands–or even millions, depending on size. You can also point out how cloud applications can streamline business cost-effectively or how you can use DaaS (Desktop as a Service) to make it so that employees can complete work on your system from wherever. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a means of operating that can also save tens of thousands of dollars annually. Then you might close with the cherry of top-tier cutting edge and professional security provision atop the chocolate sundae of cloud support.

Objection Deflection

You’re going to have objections. Most of them are related to security. Learn how cloud security is often better than the security internal businesses provide, and then learn how to communicate that to clientele– don’t forget the different cloud platforms out there.

Varying Models Of Cloud Deployment

Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions characterize options pertaining to this new innovation. Public clouds are those hosted by providers, private clouds are sanctioned off for individual businesses, and hybrid cloud solutions are these two solutions combined together per client need. Tell these options and listen to your client to see which are most relevant to them.

Effective Marketing

An MSP marketing that is versed in deflecting objections, demonstrating how cloud computing works, endorsing its benefits and available options will more successfully sell this advantageous and cost-effective innovation.

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