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MSP Marketing | January 24, 2018

What MSP Marketing Lesson Can We Learn From Monsters?

MSP MarketingMonsters Incorporated has a valuable MSP Marketing message within about the experience of learning and hard-work and it’s application to everyday life. Beyond the amazing adventure we know as Monsters Inc. we find its prequel- Monsters University! Mike and Sully meet as teens in Monster College and join the underdog frat to win the scare tournament while going through crazy and zany simulations as parts of the tournament which demonstrate all the ins and outs of scaring a human for their precious scream energy.

We can relate because this is much of what our own education is like except translated into monster language. Mike and Sully do their best but in the end are competing against many other teams who are at greater dispositions than they. Despite being baffled they, instead, begin to rally only to make it to the final fight where they have to scare a REAL HUMAN!

Given a few complications the dream team was disqualified and subsequently expelled (pretty harsh right?). In spite of this they turn a negative into a positive. Finding low level entry jobs as janitors at a scare floor, Mike and Sully utilize the training they had in their short-lived college years and with much hard-work they began their practice as the dream team of the scare floor.

Though this may seem like a dreamy kids story it is just as profound in the ‘real world’. Through actual practice with MSP marketing as well as dealing with people and being concerned for the customer’s needs you can get ahead of the game.

The truth is that all the books and simulations in the world don’t replace experience especially in the age where everything you learn in school can be found on the world wide web for free. Keep this in consideration when hiring new MSPs. Experience is invaluable and should not be taken lightly. Education certainly has its advantages in this world but either way the work will be hard but it was going to be hard to begin with. You are not out of the race just yet! Keep going until you’ve become the scariest scarier of them all!

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