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MSP Business | January 11, 2018

MSP Business Tips: How to Manage IT Technicians

msp businessTo have a successful MSP business, you must be able to manage an IT technician’s time efficiently— which includes everything from their daily workload, routines, and their short and long-term goals. Guarantee that each technician has the necessary resources to be efficient will allow them to be highly productive, which is a win-win for the company and employee. Learning how to manage employees offers immense benefits, whether you are a small IT company or an MSP that has hundreds of clients. Here are five easy ways to increase the efficiency of each employee and create a productive business environment:

Avoid Interruptions

The first step in helping IT techs remain productive is to limit interruptions in the office. While completely eliminating interruptions is not possible, significantly reducing them can help everyone focus and stay on track. For example, instead of continually checking each new email, set a specific time between projects to look at emails. Ultimately, this will help employees to stay focus and avoid little distractions that quickly become wasted hours.

Develop a Routine

The next step in creating an efficient work environment for employees is to allow each worker to develop a routine that works best for them. For example, some employees may prefer to check their voice messages as soon as they enter the office while others need to make a cup of coffee before they begin their workday. Each person is different, allowing them their unique work routine will reduce workplace tensions and enable employees to work effectively.

Schedule Work Appropriately

Each technician has a specialty, whether they are good at troubleshooting technical issues or identifying security vulnerabilities, and it is essential to assign job duties that best fit the capabilities of each individual tech. Learning their strengths and weaknesses will allow you to take advantage of the skills of each employee and utilize them to the best of your abilities. Over time, you can quickly schedule work to best match the skills of each employee, which will lead to higher production and makes the jobs of each employee easier.

Keep Time Logs

Another useful tip in becoming a successful MSP business is to make sure employees record their time on each specific job. Tracking the time on job assignments will allow you to find ways to improve efficiency and keep each employee is diligently working at their job. If you notice inconsistencies, you can dig deeper into the information to see if you can find ways to adjust workloads or offer any suggestions to improve employee productivity.

Provide Feedback

Offering feedback on job performances is an invaluable tool, as it lets employees know what they are doing well, and if they need to make any improvements. Failure to provide quality feedback can hurt the potential growth of technicians, as they will be unable to make the necessary adjustments to improve their productivity. It is a good idea to provide feedback for each employee on a regular basis, whether it is weekly, monthly or at another interval to suit your business. Over time, you will notice a vast improvement in the performance of employees, which will have a significant impact on the success of your company.

The ability to manage IT technicians effectively provides immense benefits to an MSP business as it helps them to remain focus and become more productive on the job. While each manager has their own unique style, the use of these managing tips will create a workplace environment that will allow employees to thrive and exceed expectations. As you know, the IT industry is fiercely competitive, as managed service providers are continually looking for new ways to gain the upper hand against competitors. Utilizing these tips can be the first step in gaining an edge over other IT providers and help you stand out from the crowded IT world. Don’t wait— start looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your employees and experience new levels of success for your organization.

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