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MSP Business | January 18, 2018

Is Your MSP Business Leading by the Power of Example?

msp businessTop-Down Strategy

An MSP business exercising good leadership will naturally have more considerate employees. If you want employees to act with integrity, be punctual and push through on assignments until they finish what they’ve started. Exercise the same level of passion in operations as you yourself do. Then, you’ve got to lead by example.

Employees are going to be in a different sphere of operations than you are as someone with managerial responsibility. They’re going to have a stricter set of responsibilities and job requirements. As such, you’re likely going to have higher expectations on them than the expectations on yourself. Granted, what expectations are related to you could make or break the company, so they have more weight. You’re not as likely to have your every move monitored by a supervisor, even if you have management personnel who delegate responsibilities to you.

The point? It’s hard to practice what you preach in management even if you give it your best shot. So be strategic about it. Plan how you’re going to be the example your employees need. Ways to conduct yourself include the following:

• Be responsible
• Tell the truth
• Maintain courage
• When you make mistakes, admit it
• Have persistence
• Find solutions, make them if you must
• Don’t just talk, listen
• Strategically delegate to employee strengths
• Keep yourself in shape and work with employees


Practice what you preach in your MSP business. Whether you’re the leader of the organization or in middle-management, say what you mean and mean what you say. Take responsibility for that which you are responsible for. This is a lot easier said than done. If you get into a habit of such activity, you’ll be responsible and eventually make it so your employees have the same quality.

Tell the Truth

Lies just don’t work. They’re the synthetic sugar of reality, a band-aid on a flesh wound. Get out of the habit of deception to cover up irresponsibility or accidents. If you’re not in the habit, don’t get in the habit. Be honest and you’ll have an ironclad reputation which can’t be marred even by a concerted attack. In fact, you’ll come off looking better.

Maintain Courage

You think these tactics are easy? They’re not. If you’re going to lead by example you’ve got to put your head on the chopping block sometimes and hope for mercy. Be courageous and your employees can’t help but admire you.

When You Make Mistakes, Admit It

Don’t pass the buck. If you trip, acknowledge the fact. Employees who see that will do the same.

Have Persistence

In client management, operational strength, and integrity maintenance, you’re going to need persistence. These things will make life easier but getting on the accountability train isn’t easy.

Find Solutions, Make Them If You Must

If you are in a tough spot, don’t look for ways something can’t be done. Make something up if you’ve got to. Employees who see you pulling a solution out of thin air will realize it’s expected they do the same.

Don’t Just Talk, Listen

Most people listen to others not to hear them but to structure their own response. Don’t do that. Actually, listen to what they’re saying. This will help you read between the lines.

Strategically Delegate to Employee Strengths

Don’t send guys in marketing to engineering departments, or guys that write code into sales. Figure out employee strengths and liberally delegate, accordingly. In your own activities, focus on things which you’re good at. They say to write what you know. It’s the same in operations. Do what you understand.

Keep Yourself in Shape and Work with Employees

Eat right, sleep right, exercise regularly, and get down in the trenches with your employees. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work with them!

Finer Operations

An MSP business with management that values integrity in operations will translate those values to employees at all levels of operation. This, in a domino effect, will increase your operation’s effectiveness going forward. To sum this all up, you get out what you put in.

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