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MSP Business | January 31, 2018

Your MSP Business can Learn about Blogging from, UP!

MSP BusinessOne of the most heartwarming movies of the decade, Disney’s Up tells the tale of a young adventure scout who goes on an unlikely adventure with one of the coolest old-timers to walk the Earth.

What important lesson can your MSP Business learn about blogging from UP?

MSP is just like the infamous balloon house that allows our beloved characters to travel the world. Our website is the framework that can be our rocket to success, or rather air balloon. Given an established framework we now need some high quality balloons and a ton of them. In this metaphor the balloons will obviously be what takes you to the top of the rankings which would be original content that MSP SEO specializes in.

Most MSP businesses realize that blogging is essential for ranking by Google’s bots and crawlers. Their solution however isn’t always in your best interest due to many of these MSPs posting syndicate blogs over a variety of clients. These syndicate articles have no real value to them to Google’s bots and are synonymous to balloons filled with air compared to balloons filled with helium or rather, original content.

One will give the same appearance on the outside but when put to the test it will sink to the floor while the other will only be bounded by the ceiling. Google’s AI will crawl your webpage and will analyze links and keywords to send back to Google for ranking data but duplicate articles should be marked “no find no follow” which means they are essentially invisible to the site crawlers.

Therefore, if you want your MSP business website to be lifted up to the top ranked position like the House in the movie up then make sure you are suing original content!

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