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MSP Company | January 24, 2018

Your Local MSP Company Should Be Ready to Keep the Cloud Barbarians at Bay!

MSP CompanyThe world is transitioning into cloud computing, though the said transition has not fully matured for every MSP company. Nevertheless, the trend is moving toward increased cloud computing in operations. Developed countries are at the cutting edge of this shift, and as a result, will themselves be leaders in such innovations-you can check this article for some compelling statistics related to cloud development. When you consider the numbers, it becomes equally considerable that ignoring the trend is bad for business. Despite this, many MSPs are nigh unconscious to this change. As a result, Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft are increasingly expanding their market share. They are not the only companies, but they are very large companies; and the more such large companies innovate, the harder it becomes for smaller, less-endowed agencies to compete.

When you have a massive innovation of this kind being handled swiftly by large organizations, the potentiality for monopoly or oligarchy becomes hard to ignore. Think of it like the barbarians of history working as an invasive force against countries like England. In this analogy, the “barbarians” are the big companies, and England is MSPs that are not so substantially endowed. You are going to deal with big-ticket competitors soon. That is very difficult to ignore. If you are not prepared for this, it could seriously affect your MSP’s ability to be competitive in the market.

Juggernaut Barbarians

Even in light of these facts, MSPs are ignoring cloud computing while big-box companies like Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft just get bigger and more innovative. One day, these juggernauts will become the “cloud barbarians” that will be invading your local business market as direct competitors.

Now, with that in mind, it must be conceded that no future outcome is set in stone. Though it is nearly certain, based on the progression of the current trend that cloud computing will dominate the market as indicated, this is not something entirely 100% determined. Still, it is too prescient to be ignored.

Right now, there is calm before the “storm,” and as an MSP company, it would be very wise for you to properly barricade your operations against this shift. There are a number of things worth doing in terms of the barricade, several of which being:

• Innovation
• Competitive Cost Reduction
• Demographic Inoculation


If you can work in cloud provision and innovation, you will naturally have a greater competitive foothold throughout the market. Whether or not the cloud trend fully matures, there will be businesses that take it on, and businesses that do not. If you are one of the ones who take it on, you will have a greater deal of profitability than competitors should cloud computing continue in its development as market trends indicate. Should the trend not mature as indicated, you will have a greater understanding of burgeoning trends, and likely still acquire clients you would not be able to otherwise. You are ultimately looking at a strategic win-win by adopting cloud concentration. There is funding involved, but cloud computing used for internal solutions can be extremely cost-effective. The worst-case scenario is that you will upgrade your business.

Competitive Cost Reduction

When you have innovations, as the market becomes more oriented toward the cloud, you are able to get a jump on competitors. If you have not put the infrastructure in place beforehand, you will be playing catch-up. If you have, then you can undercut competitors with reduced cloud computing solutions that are available to you because you know where the pressure points are in terms of cost, and how to avoid, work around, or offset them.

Demographic Inoculation

Your clients need to become “inoculated” concerning the cloud. This means you have to let them know what it is, how it works, how to employ it, why to employ it, and the best way to. If you get this done ahead of competitors by jumping the trend now, you will have a strategic advantage.


Your MSP company will have more success in the cloud by getting involved soon, rather than after it has become a status quo quotient of operations dominated by oligarchical “barbarians.” So, learn the cloud ASAP!

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