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MSP Company | January 30, 2018

What can Your MSP Company Learn from a Yes Man?

MSP CompanyAny MSP Company can take away valuable lessons from the hit movie ‘Yes Man’. In this film Carrey (playing Carl Allen) exemplifies the benefits of a positive attitude and the welcoming of opportunity throughout everyday life. With his newfound vow to never say ‘no’ to a request no matter how ridiculous gets his character in some quite serious antics.Though committing to the role of the yes man may be a dangerous road to go down we can see that many seemingly small opportunities seemed close to nothing at the time they were given to Carl if even a burden. Despite this he accepted the challenge and went on some of the craziest adventures of his life.

So how can a MSP Company learn from this carefree way of living? The first thing we realize is the power of the word ‘no’. No matter what context it’s in, no matter the tone you say it, no matter the galaxy you’re located in the word will always be the negative: not allowing for growth or progress by virtue of ignoring opportunities. Though this seems like the main point of the movie most people don’t realize that they often are the ones holding themselves back. Sometimes this is largely due to past mistakes or failure which Carl seems to struggle with as he locks himself in his man-cave with his ridiculous collection of movies because of his recent divorce.

Similarly, we may find ourselves in financial struggle or coping the loss of a valued client. What we must learn from Carl is that dwelling on the past won’t solve anything. The benefit here of being a yes man allows your mind to accept everything that comes to it which in the end will make you a real busy-body. The key is to not let the past fester by countering it with positive actions. Go out with some friends, do something you love or find relaxing, something you’ve never done before. The possibilities are endless when you’re not anchored.

An MSP company leader exercising this level of a positive attitude will show it in his work. Your employees will follow suit of the joyous attitude and work ethic you bring to the office and into their lives. They will begin to exercise the same level of passion in their work as you lead them by your own example. Though this may sound like a lifestyle change it is much simpler than I’m making it sound. Don’t dwell on the negative, invest in the positive and it will be sure to show in life, in work, and all around you.

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