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MSP Marketing | January 26, 2018

Can We Learn an MSP Marketing Lessons from Zombies?

MSP MarketingZOMBIES!!! You hear the gnawing and scratching just feet away from where you sleep. The only thing between you and the undead is a hastily boarded up window and these thin, thin walls. Stricken with terror you awaken only to find your dog scratching at the door. You feed him and head to work where you face hordes of dead sites with a seemingly infinite, unrelenting supply of zombies to go through that are indifferent to what you have to say.

Is there a connection between with your MSP Marketing and Zombies?

Google’s AI bots and crawlers maintain the job of analyzing website pages and utilizes the links provided to create a web throughout the internet. Most MSP marketing employees realize that blogging is essential for ranking by Google’s bots and crawlers. Their solution however isn’t always in your best interest due to many of these MSPs posting syndicate blogs over a variety of clients.

These syndicate articles have no real value to them to Google’s bots and are synonymous to balloons filled with air compared to balloons filled with helium or rather, original content. Google’s AI will crawl your webpage and will analyze links to create a web between websites but duplicate articles will be marked “no find no follow” which is essentially invisible to the site crawlers. These syndicate articles act as mindless zombies to Google that are hungry to rise up in rank.

The ammunition to survive this horde of undead is original content. Google has no real content of its own and to understand Google you have to understand that they want what is best for their customer as the leading search engine.

This means that the AI is searching for the most relevant and updated information which can be created through blogging, hosting guest blogs, and maintaining website activity. Though the zombies are strong in number they will not be individually challenging so as long as you keep your gun loaded and your guard up you will prevail. You win more flies with honey than you do with rotten flesh!

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