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MSP Marketing | January 25, 2018

How Can You Identify If an MSP Marketing Prospect Is Working with the Big Bad Wolf?

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Know the Signs

Your MSP marketing team can expedite conversions for the sales department by monitoring likely clientele who are currently working with IT providers that are sub-par to yours. Think of IT sub-par to you like an exploitative wolf preying on clientele sheep— or Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs; take your pick. Remember the old tales? In all scenarios, some canine aggressor pretends to be the friend of its prey while exploiting them mercilessly for its own gain.

You may help demonstrate to exploited companies how your MSP’s SLA is superior to that of the “wolf” IT agencies with whom they’re currently allied. When you can draw a stark contrast, this will help you convince prospects through simple presentation of the facts. Some common areas where businesses are often ill-used by “wolfish” IT agencies include:

• Poor Data Recovery Solutions
• Surprisingly Large Quotients of Downtime
• Communication Breakdown
• Break-Fix Support

Poor Data Recovery Solutions

MSP marketing can really find itself successful by demonstrating just how good data recovery can be. Wolfish organizations don’t do this well purposefully because it means they make more money through specialized IT delivery needs. Though they could provide business continuity plans, data backup and things like data mirroring, they don’t. Show clients under the thumb of such wolves how you can do this better and less expensively. If you can get numbers from your prospects, you can really paint a stark picture that is likely to bring a sale. If you can’t get numbers, provide materials in your marketing department that depict common hypothetical scenarios and disseminate those accordingly; you may find such a line brings in many big fish.

Surprisingly Large Quotients of Downtime

Essentially, through data mirroring, business continuity plans, and the cloud, downtime can be almost eliminated. If a system crashes, RMM solutions can catch the crash coming, launch the mirrored network and make it so the business in jeopardy doesn’t experience any sort of operational or data loss. An SLA should reflect a low level of “acceptable” downtime. Your potential clients are likely operating under SLAs, which have unreasonably large amounts of downtime built in. Show them how you can do better, and see them convert to your services.

Communication Breakdown

Wolfish IT agencies are less apt to properly communicate with their clients. They’ll deign to be too busy with other clients or something of that ilk. Even though RMM can solve 70-80% of issues without a tech being necessary at a client’s site, such organizations refuse to adopt such a provision. If you’ve got it and you can show it to potential clients, then you’re likely to reach them at a core level.

Nobody likes being sidelined. If it turns out that sidelining isn’t necessary, a switch to “nurturing” service of the RMM type is almost guaranteed. Think of it like a relationship. Communication is fundamental to cohesion. If it’s breaking down, one of the two in the relationship is going to leave. Show you’re a good communicator, and you can win your target over.

Break-Fix Support

Break-fix support is unnecessary for most businesses. The larger the business, the less effective a break-fix solution is. Think of it like changing the oil on your car. This is proactive maintenance, and it will extend the life of a given engine quite a bit. However, if the oil is never changed, that engine life can be decimated. If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles and the oil is never changed, that gets expensive quick! The server of the modern business functions in much the same way. Proactive support that includes proactive maintenance can be very effective in this regard. It can extend server life while saving both time and money. Break-Fix costs more; proactive services don’t. If you provide proactive service, demonstrate that to potential clients and you’ll likely see a good number convert to you.

Increased Conversions

MSP marketing that demonstrates how prospects are being under-served by their existing IT solution has a very good chance of making a conversion. When you can demonstrate the logic of making the switch numerically, that is powerful.

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