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MSP Marketing | December 29, 2017

Value Perception, Bundling, and A-La-Carte Services in MSP Marketing

MSP MarketingDemonstrating Value

When it comes to your MSP marketing strategy, one of your most important tactics is going to involve demonstrating your value to prospective clients. There are a lot of ways this can be done but whatever you do you want to be authentic about it. It’s not a good idea to be skin-deep or “shallow” in this regard. You don’t want to be “cheap” when demonstrating value. You want to be “spendy.” Value communicates value, as redundant as that sounds. So, to be the most valuable to clients, you must become valuable. Of course, this is going to be easier said than done. Following are several ways to offer services, which can communicate value while broadening your client reach:

• A La Carte Services
• Bundled Packages
• Synthesis

A La Carte Services

By providing your products and services a-la-carte, you give clients the option to choose which services they need as fits their needs. This is very valuable to many customers. It’s possible they’ve already purchased something substantial, in terms of technology, and need additional services but can’t afford a bundled price. In such a scenario, if they had the ability to pick and choose only that which they liked, then this would make you very valuable to them intrinsically. This, additionally, broadens your horizons as an MSP. When you can reach more customers, you can, provided the business is run correctly, experience more profit. Expanded profit leads to increased value, increased value leads to the increased perception of value. It’s an upward spiral!

Bundled Packages

MSP marketing which provides bundling services can sell to clients more strategically through addition or subtraction of that which is bundled. What you want to do is make a bundled package which includes several items that aren’t useless but aren’t strictly necessary, either. Sure, they bring the client value, but their operation will never critically hinge on such service provisions.

If you construct your bundles this way, when a client says the bundle is too expensive, you can excise some of these less-than-primary options and lower the price. This makes it look like you’re willing to negotiate more than you actually are which increases the customer’s perception of your value. With bundled packages, if you don’t exclude included items, then clients pay more for a suite of services, making profit more predictable over time.


When it comes to the Hegelian Dialectic Triad, three qualities are definitive. These qualities are thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis is one extreme, the antithesis is its total opposite, and the synthesis is a truth that exists between these extremes. When it comes to value perception, packaging and bundles represent two opposite extremes. The synthesis between them is a product services menu which provides both a-la-carte and bundled packages. This way your customers have the ultimate ability to choose that which best describes their need. If they do not have enough services in a given package, they don’t have to purchase a second package in order to cover their needs.

If a package has more provisions than customers strictly need, then they can cut out those they don’t and still retain your services. If you don’t have some synthesis between a-la-carte and bundled packages, then you’re liable to lose clients to competitors who are willing to break up their service suites in such a way. Think of it like a fast food menu. They’ve got their “value meals;” those are the bundles. Then they have fries, drinks, and burgers sold individually in an a-la-carte way, which allows customers to build their meals as they would like. This kind of purchasing is intrinsic to the American preference today, so at the end of the day, it’s wise to meet that need.

Expanding Clientele

MSP marketing which uses a la carte services, bundled packages, and a synthesis between them is likely to communicate a high level of perceived value that will broaden the reach of the MSP. If you want to reach the most customers, then your service provisions must be designed to do such a thing as comprehensively and realistic as you can.

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