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MSP Marketing | December 16, 2017

Reasons to Have a Physical Office for Successful MSP Marketing

IT MarketingCompeting against other managed service providers (MSPs) is not an easy task in today’s environment, and it is critical to fully take advantage of MSP marketing techniques to reach a wider range of clients. Using your office as a way to expand your consumer base is often overlooked, but it can have a significant impact on the future of your business. For example, having a nice office will let a potential client know that you are a legitimate company that can help their organization grow. On the other hand, an unorganized office with minimal staff members looks unprofessional and can lead clients to choose another MSP. To avoid this scenario, here are three reasons why you should have a decent physical office and how it can positively affect your business:

1. Increase Presence

Are you looking for ways to increase your presence and stand out from other IT providers? As stated earlier, having a visible office that is well-organized will create a positive atmosphere that is beneficial to you and your potential clients. Besides allowing your employees to work more efficiently, it will also let clients know that you are operating a legitimate business. Having a well-staffed office will boost consumer confidence as they will feel comfortable knowing that you have a full team to take care of all their IT-related needs. Positioning your office in an excellent location will increase your presence and enable you to reach many clients that would not be possible if your business was in a lousy location. Inviting clients to your office to discuss how you can meet their IT needs is a great way to show them how your company operates on a daily basis.

2. Improve Reliability

Clients want to partner with an MSP that they can trust and is reliable in any situation. Having a visible office will allow customers to trust you easier, as they can view your office and see that your company isn’t a fraud, but a legitimate business. Seeking testimonies from past clients will boost your trustworthiness and ensure that your company is always reliable, whether it is through providing frequent updates or offering the latest cyber security protection. Allowing clients to post reviews online about your business is another way to improve public opinion and is an effective MSP marketing tool. Over time, amassing a large number of positive reviews will boost your company’s profile and increase your reliability in the eyes of potential customers.

3. Know, Like and Trust

Clients are much more likely to choose your business if it is easy to view and your doors are always open to discuss their needs. On the other hand, a secluded office is less inviting, and it can be difficult to attract new clients. As you know, making clients the number one priority is a key step in becoming a successful MSP in today’s environment. Continually providing excellent customer service will ensure successful long-term relations with clients and help you expand your business with new customers. Over time, you will have a stellar reputation that will lead to more clients choosing to use your IT services. Maintaining an office that is professional and well-run is just one more reason for potential clients to decide to use you as their MSP.

Having a physical office that is well-staffed is a key component of any successful MSP marketing campaign. Being highly visible will boost your reliability with customers, which will ultimately lead them to choose your IT services over other MSPs. Focusing on the three business traits listed above will create a successful business model that can be applied in all areas of the workforce. While some MSPs are shutting down their offices to reduce costs, it is much more beneficial to operate a well-run office that is professional and will boost the reputation of your company. Having a nice office is an effective closing tool that can be the difference between having a successful or unsuccessful sales transaction. Begin focusing on these techniques today and experience the many benefits of a highly visible office.

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