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IT Marketing | December 15, 2017

IT Marketing Tips: How to Overcome a Negotiation Deadlock

IT MarketingNegotiating with potential clients can be difficult, so it is essential to understand a few IT marketing tips that can help you overcome these obstacles and attain a new customer. While each client is different, they all share similar attributes and it is crucial to understand how to negotiate with each one effectively. Here are five steps that you can use to resolve negotiation roadblocks, which will allow you to grow your consumer base on a consistent basis:

1. Be A Team Player

The first step in any successful meeting is to always be friendly and listen to the concerns of the client. On the other hand, if you are rude and exhibit poor listening skills, you are much more likely to derail the negotiation and cause them to look for another MSP. Finding common ground will help build a relationship that can ultimately lead to closing a sale.

2. Be A Problem Solver

Another excellent IT marketing tip is to become a problem solver for each client. In other words, listen to their concerns and try to find ways to solve each one. For example, if they are dealing with a lot of emails that are infected with viruses, you can tell them how a virus scanner can keep their computer protected at all times. Continually looking for new ways to solve problems will build trust and make it much more likely that they will choose you as their MSP.

3. Reframe Instead of Counter-Propose

A common sales tactic is to counter-propose an offer, which is not nearly as effective as reframing the proposal. For example, instead of rejecting an offer, it is much better to redirect them according to their interests, which is a much more effective tactic. Identifying their specific needs and framing a proposal involving both of your needs will create a negotiation that will lead to fruitful results.

4. Build Upon Their Ideas

Active listening is a vital negotiation tactic as it demonstrates that you are intently listening to the ideas of each contact. Always build upon the ideas of each client and create a proposal that is centered around meeting their needs. Allowing them to get involved in the negotiation process will give them a purpose and significantly increases the chances of them of completing the sale. Working side-by-side with each client will allow both of you to attack the problem and avoid attacking each other.

5. Appeal to Their Senses

Finally, it is essential to always be mindful of your client’s perspective and try to find ways to be united on specific subjects. Understanding their point of view will enable you to find common ground that can help you break any negotiation roadblocks. Finding alternatives that work for both parties is a win-win scenario that will allow a negotiation to continue to move to a conclusion without experiencing any delays.

Understanding how to negotiate with clients is an important IT marketing technique. Whether you are a brand-new MSP or have been in business for years, understanding these negotiation tactics will lead to more successful sales, which will expand your consumer base. Being a team player while also looking to solve problems will help you connect with clients and create a long-lasting relationship. Learning how to reframe proposals while building upon their ideas will enable you to appeal to their senses and help both parties come to a reasonable conclusion. Lastly, continually practicing these techniques will allow your sales team to become much more effective during each negotiation and each salesperson will become a major asset to their company.

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