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IT lead generation | December 22, 2017

IT Lead Generation Tips: 4 Ways to Avoid Cancelled Appointments

IT lead generationThe IT world is a competitive environment and avoiding cancellations with prospective clients will help you create a dynamic IT lead generation market that will help your business to grow and reach new clients.

As you know, canceled appointments waste your time and resources. Investing in a prospect and doing the necessary research only to have them cancel at the last minute can be a very frustrating experience. Multiple canceled meetings in a short time period can cause you to lose a significant amount of money and become a major stumbling block for any IT provider that is trying to grow and reach new customers. While being able to eliminate canceled appointments completely is not possible, you can significantly reduce their occurrences.

Here are four ways that can help you ensure that a meeting with a prospective client will occur:

Set Unique Appointment Times

The first step in reducing missed meetings is to create appointments with potential clients at irregular times. Instead of setting a meeting at 1 PM, set it at 1:15 PM instead. While it may seem strange, it can help a client to remember this time than a traditional time slot that is on-the-hour or a half-hour. Besides being easier to remember, it creates the impression that the meeting will be shorter than average, which increases the chances of someone following through the meeting if they believe that it will not last all day long.

Rephrase the Meeting

Another effective IT lead generation technique is to not go to a potential client’s office but instead allow them to come to you or another location. While this may seem insignificant, it can greatly increase the chances of them following through with the meeting because it breaks their routine and gives them a sense of responsibility. On the other hand, if you agree to meet them at their location, they may completely forget about the appointment and not be ready for the meeting.

Ask for Directions When Possible

While this scenario doesn’t apply if the meeting is at your place, but if you are going to meet at another location, it is essential to ensure that the prospect gives you directions. While the use of GPS and Google Maps can quickly help you find any place, asking for directions will help solidify the appointment and increase the chances of a potential client to follow through with the meeting. Always remember to ask for precise directions, even if it’s inside an office building, as it’s a good idea to ask for the suite number and which floor the meeting will take place.

Send a Friendly Reminder

Finally, it always a good idea to send a friendly reminder to a prospective client before the meeting takes place. Typically, these reminders can be sent a day before the meeting, whether it is through an email or phone call. Always be positive and friendly during the message, as it can help build a relationship that may turn into a long-term client. Being optimistic will also help them reduce any stress or anxiety and can be one of the first steps in setting up a successful meeting.

Meeting with clients is an excellent way to continue the sales process and will allow you to fully take advantage of IT lead generation techniques. While getting a prospect to attend a meeting can be difficult, using these steps will significantly boost the chances of them showing up at each appointment. Once you gain contact with a potential client, it is much easier to describe your services and eventually close another successful sale. An IT provider that begins using these techniques will reduce canceled meetings, experience new growth, and gain an edge over other IT competitors.

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