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IT lead generation | December 23, 2017

Are You Following up on Your IT Lead Generation Campaigns?

IT lead generationIT lead generation is never an easy thing for an MSP, and even if you get the leads you need to succeed, you still must nurture those leads. One of the most common reasons that a lead fails is simply because of a lack of follow-up.

Generally, this happens because a salesperson deems a lead as “bad,” but there is really no such thing as a bad lead. After all, you never really know if a lead is truly bad unless you try, right? So, the best way to deal with this is to let any prospects tell you when it’s time to stop following up. This way, you keep your MSP company fresh in the minds of your prospects, and you never know when that might trigger a sale.

This is only one tip to take away from this, however. Here are some more:

Learn More About Potential Good Leads

One of the things that you can do to continue to bring in good leads is to learn more about the leads that you have. The best way to do this is by looking at your data. If you properly look at and examine the data you have about your leads, you can better identify those leads that are likely to convert. This not only helps you to identify the best leads, but it also saves your MSP a lot of time and money.

Respond Quickly

No one likes to wait around, and this is certainly true when discussing leads. So, it makes sense that when a lead contacts your business, that you should get back to them as soon as possible. Many potential customers have a very short attention span, so if you don’t hit while the iron’s hot, it’s likely that you will lose the lead.

Engage When Your Lead is Ready

This next tip goes along with a quick response. Sometimes a lead will contact you, and you already know that you want to respond quickly. The question is… how quickly? The get the most out of your IT lead generation, research shows that you should respond within an hour. In fact, you are seven times more likely to have a meaningful interaction with a lead if you do this than if you wait longer than that. Since a meaningful interaction is much more likely to lead to a sale, you certainly want to keep this in mind.

Get Help When You Need It

No one has ever said that you have to do all of this lead generation on your own, or at least no one said that your team has to do it all on their own. Sometimes, we all need a bit of a boost to find success. So, don’t be afraid to look outside of your company to get help when you need it. There are many resources out there that can help small businesses generate leads. If you don’t want to take it that far, you might also want to consider investing in some sales software. This small step can be the boost that you really need.

These are just a few tips that can really help you with your lead generation. Generating leads and converting those leads into sales is not an easy task. Hopefully, however, these tips make it easier for you. These are the leads that will keep your business going full force, and making sure that you are not only nurturing your leads, but also engaging correctly and getting help when needed, can lead to great success. When you start doing these things during your IT lead generation process, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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