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IT lead generation | December 15, 2017

How Can You Avoid Failed IT Lead Generation Campaigns?

IT lead generationCreating an effective IT lead generation campaign can help your company reach new clients and enable your business to grow at a steady rate. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for years, these sales strategies can have a massive impact on the future of your business. Taking the extra time to study these plans will enable your organization to be successful and have a competitive advantage over other MSPs. Here are a few ways that you can create a successful marketing strategy in today’s business climate:

Know Your Audience

The first step in creating an effective marketing campaign is to always know your audience. Failure to understand your audience can lead to wasted time and resources that can never be regained. For example, if you are conducting a telemarketing campaign, it is essential to target consumers that are happy with their services but are interested in learning more information about various IT related services. If you are looking to expand your consumer base, it is crucial to target companies that need an MSP. Fully understanding your audience will allow you to reach new clients much more efficiently without wasting precious time and resources.

Create an Effective Business Model

The next step in an effective IT lead generation strategy is to create a business model that will work on a wide variety of customers. Instead of focusing on one type of client, using a flexible business model will ensure that you can reach as many clients as possible without limiting your potential. For example, demonstrating your IT services will pique the interest of potential clients and will cause them to seriously consider using your services to meet their IT needs. Ultimately, this business model should bring a greater interest in your business, which will allow you to create a sales pitch that is unique to each organization.

Choose the Right Platform

Creating an effective business model that does not have a platform is essentially useless. Choosing the correct platform to advertise your services is another essential tool for creating an effective marketing campaign. Social media and blogs are excellent places to advertise your services. Routinely updating your posts will promote interaction with customers and will help you build your reputation as a leading MSP. Providing testimonials is another excellent way to boost your sales, as customers are much more likely to be influenced by many positive reviews. You can also post how-to videos on various IT-related subjects that will demonstrate your knowledge in the IT field.

Follow Up

Finally, following up with clients is a critical step in growing your business. Failure to follow up will often lead clients to choose another MSP. Typically, it is a good idea to follow up with a client within a week of the initial meeting. These follow-ups can consist of emails or phone calls, whichever makes you feel the most comfortable. It may take multiple follow-up visits before you close a sale, but it is well worth the investment. Always being helpful throughout the conversation will lead to more positive outcomes that can ultimately result in you gaining a new client.


The use of an IT lead generation campaign is a great marketing tool in today’s environment. As you know, the clear majority of companies need IT services, and understanding how to generate new clients will help your company in the present and in the future. Understanding your audience and creating an effective business model will enable you to expand your range and help your organization reach new levels of success. Promoting your work on various platforms will get your message out and it can significantly boost your visibility in the IT world. Of course, it is also important to always follow up with clients, as it is the final step in closing out a sale, which will allow you to expand your business into new territory. Continually practicing these strategies will allow you to become more successful and, ultimately, the top MSP in the industry.

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