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MSP Marketing | October 13, 2017

MSPs, Get Top Ranked in a Flash with our Marketing System!

MSP MarketingWhen it comes to MSPs marketing online, most know that getting their website top ranked is like riding a slow boat to China. In fact, this knowledge is one of the major reason most IT companies are standing on the sidelines of the digital marketing game. For the patient Tech providers this makes it a little easier to garner all the sales leads since there much less competition.

However, wouldn’t it be great if this slow and painful process could be transformed so that MSPs could start getting leads in about three months instead of waiting around for six months or longer? Our new marketing system can accomplish this with lightening speed; but read more to learn how we discovered these techniques!

What Hindered our Speed?

When we entered the internet marketing wars in the MSP marketing arena it was our main call of action to bring original content into the channel because most IT providers had been sold a bill of goods with duplicate or syndicated content.  Our main focus was created interesting and original blog post and garnering relevant and authoritative guest blog sites for our customers.  While the combination of updating an MSP website with original content eight times a month and then getting guest blog published with back-links that point to our client site is extremely powerful they were not the only SEO marketing technique.

We later started including social media marketing to our line up of services so that we could get all the back-links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc…  This did not prove to the Holy Grail for speeding up the process of getting IT companies top ranked.  Later we played around with Google reviews and while this is still crucial it wasn’t the magic bullet we where looking for to add NOS to our fuel tank.

We had to Go Old School with MSP Marketing

One day I was spending time looking at some of the other sites that ranked on the first page of local IT keywords when I realized that some of the old SEO techniques will still being used effectively by some computer businesses.  Of course, they didn’t have original and highly creative blogs or a sold guest blog strategy but they were maximizing all the old school techniques.  This is when it dawned on me that if some IT companies can still get on the first page of Google with these old school methods then what would happen if I were to combine the old ways with the new?  This is when magic happened as we were able to get some of  our news customers top ranked with in a few weeks as soon as these old school idea were implemented.


We have combined the new SEO strategies with the Old school internet marketing concept to create the ability to get an MSP marketing websites top ranked faster than the Flash could do himself.  This means that we are going to work much harder than all your other IT providers in your market by implementing the old school ideas like directory marketing, landing pages, keyword optimization and writing creative original blog post, guest blogging.  If you don’t believe these combined forces can warp your website in to the # 1 position on Google then call us so we can deliver proof!


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