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IT Marketing | October 16, 2017

The IT General Needs Battle Reports; But Has No Marketing Army?

IT marketingImagine an Army General that demands reports and data about an enemy invasion. This might sound logical except this general has not commissioned an army to defend his country. If his officers could get him the data it would all be bad! You would probably conclude this General has his priorities backwards since he should first establish a defense and then track its progress. How have some IT companies made the same order of operations mistake with their SEO marketing campaigns?

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics!

Many technically inclined IT provider automatically start thinking about reports and analytics when the top of internet marketing is broached. This makes perfect sense as the majority of IT company executives have a tech background. However, the logic of wanted to focus on analytics of traffic at the outset of a campaign might be akin to his General demanding reports on enemy movements with no defense in place. The reports would all be bad and he couldn’t do anything about it. Much in the same way getting reports on traffic on an MSP website that is not top ranked is useless as all the reports on traffic will be bad. There will be no traffic to report on through the analytics unless they have already successfully gotten their IT marketing website top ranked.

First Things First

IT providers should tear a page out of the Seven Habits of Successful People if they want to have successful results with their IT marketing efforts. They should focus first not on analytics and instead on getting an SEO marketing campaign going that will get them top ranked. Then they can focus on getting analytics on the website traffic. However, do you really need to track the traffic if you know you have already won the battle? Imagine our Crazy General has received news that his military defense has blocked the invasion and the enemy has been defeated. How important are all the analytics to the General at this point? Ultimately the game is win or lose when it comes to war and the same applies to internet marketing. You are either # 1 on you keywords and have won by vanquishing the competitions or you not.

How Can You Report Success Without Analytics?

Some people will be aghast at my assessment of the important of analytics since this is traditional seen to read the tea leaves of success. However, all the traffic in the world doesn’t translate into conversions or as I like to call them sales leads. Ultimately, IT marketing success with SEO can simply be evaluated by counting the number of leads you receive each month. You should know the average to expect and then as long as your numbers are stable then keep you SEO campaign running!


The desire for IT providers to get amazing analytics with an IT marketing campaign can ultimately be a trap. Of course, they are not important in determining your success but those vendors that are great at analytics usually suck at getting MSP websites top ranked. These SEO vendors usually have a tech background like MSPs (usually former MSPs themselves) instead of being gifted with a creative muse. On the other hand, the SEO vendor that don’t have analytics do have the talent and inspiration to write amazing thought leadership articles that can get your MSP business top ranked. Don’t be like the Mad General and choose analytics over a solid marketing strategy!

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