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MSP Business | August 1, 2017

Do your MSP Business Employees need a Ferris Bueller Day Off?

MSP BusienssMany MSP businesses ignore the adage that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Most IT providers tend to believe that they need to squeeze every minute of work out of their employees because any lost time will cost them money.

However, is it possible that Ferris Bueller can teach an MSP business a lesson about the balance of work and play? Is it possible that giving employees more time off to play might help an IT company make even more money?

Watch the clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX_rPkWzlqs

Ferris Bueller’s Example

In the classic movie Ferris Bueller the main star Ferris Bueller is portrayed as a wise old soul that understand the balance of work and play. He obviously drank the cool-aid on the concept that all work and no play makes a Jack a dull boy as he orchestrates a complicated plan to get himself and his two best friends a day off from school. The philosophy he subscribes to is that his friends needed a deep breath and time to relax from life’s high pressures world before life threw them into and even more complex situation in the college world.
Of course, in the film the infamous Mr. Rooney did not agree with Ferris’s light-hearted work life balance beliefs. Instead he relentlessly pursued the savvy Buller who ended up outsmarting him at every turn.

No Play Makes Jack a Dull Worker

If you run your IT company like Mr. Rooney by trying to squeeze every minute of work from your staff and never give them time off then it’s going to cost your business a loss of productivity. Most employees that think creatively, like techs and marketing people, can easily get burned out if they’re overworked and the quality of their work will suffer. Sometimes, when an employee needs to solve a complex technical problem or develop a new creative marketing idea and they are overworked then the creative juices stop flowing. Therefore, the amazing ideas will simply not be forthcoming!

The truth Is that when creative employees take time off to relax and get their minds completely off work and whatever conundrum that’s stumping them, that they will clear out the stress blocking the free flow of creative solutions. Often it when employees aren’t working that they can be the most productive by coming up with big ideas and solving the complex problems facing your MSP business.

The Lesson

MSP Businesses should take a page out of Ferris Bueller’s work and play philosophy by recognizing that their business will profit when their employees are not overworked but are well resisted, relaxed and having fun. Therefore, IT companies should make sure they are giving their staff enough time off in the form of vacation time, planned fun events, giving unplanned days off. If you don’t follow this path then your will have unproductive stressed out employees or they will start faking an illness and just take sick days off like Ferris Bueller!

About our Contributor

MSP BusinessNicholas Fortin is the President and Owner of Nexxen Technologies, which provides IT Support in West Palm Beach. With a wealth of experience in the IT Support and a very real sense of what it takes to run a successful business in Fort Lauderdale, he is the ideal person to help their clients achieve more through a more efficient use of technology.

Nicholas is well versed in the management of computer networks, IT Infrastructure and Operations Services (IOS), as well as in IT services best practices for Boca Raton, due diligence, PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA compliance. Nicholas is justifiably proud of his ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships, not only with their clients and vendors but with his co-workers too. Their 98% customer retention rate is a source of pride to everyone on the Nexxen Technologies, Inc. team too!

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