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IT Marketing | July 19, 2017

Storytelling and Content: The Impact on IT Marketing

IT MarketingFor your MSP business, IT marketing draws in your customer base. With the right content, displayed in the right way, your published marketing material is an integral basis for finding clients. There are many aspects of successful marketing, but having content that tells a story significantly increases the appeal of your services.

Make Them Remember You

Establish your brand and incorporate it in your content and other marketing materials. This is your identity, and your prospective clients need to remember your company and your brand. Storytelling is a great way to make that connection in their brains. Narratives and stories have been used for a significant time to create a picture. Your marketing efforts benefit by tapping into the unique human behavior of remembering stories.

Building a Relationship

For successful IT marketing, you are looking to create a relationship with your prospective clients. Storytelling provides a way to connect with your target audience. With captivating and interesting content, your clients are driven to learn even more about your company. They are given an opportunity to see your story and build a more emotional and trusting relationship through your marketing content.
Doing Storytelling Right

There are some things you need to consider when you are incorporating storytelling and narratives into your content. Here are some key points to remember when trying to write a narrative-based content:

• Timing: Make sure your story is relevant at the time of publication. Many marketing focuses shift throughout the year, and your storytelling must fit into the current mindset of your audience.
• Make it personal: You are looking to draw in your readers. By having a personal touch, your readers are more in touch with the story being told. Look to have many characters who are interesting to your audience, with the same needs, worries, and thoughts as your targeted group.
• Have a conflict: One of the most important aspects of a story is the conflict. A story where everything goes right doesn’t engage readers and isn’t very interesting. The great thing is that conflict is the perfect lead-in for your company’s services.
• Tie it back: While a good story is great by itself, your goal isn’t to tell stories. Your content is designed to improve sales, and your content needs to reflect that. By tying your stories into your services and products, you bring your customers to the natural conclusion to use your company.

Trust and Storytelling

As with any engagement, your credibility is tied into what your company publishes. Just because your content is taking on a narrative form doesn’t mean you are free to make things up. Your marketing, including any storytelling, needs to be based on truth. Your audience is fickle, and if they sense just a tiny bit of falsehood, your reputation is hurt. To further increase your credibility, adding data and sources helps build a trusting relationship with your readers.

About our Contributor

IT  marketingRobert Naragon is the Founder and President of ITQue, Inc. (pronounced “i-teek”), an Managed IT Services based in San Jose and Campbell that provides IT Support in San Jose. ITQue provides a wide range of IT services to San Jose based companies. And ITQue provides managed services to help San Jose small and mid-sized businesses increase productivity and profitability with customized, flexible hybrid cloud and IT outsourcing solutions in San Jose. Prior to ITQue, he was the Founder and President of VistanetIT, Inc., also based in Campbell, an IT Support Provider to small and medium-sized businesses in San Jose.MSP Marketing

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