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MSP Blogs | July 10, 2017

Six Ways to Benefit from MSP Blogs

MSP BlogsThe IT world is extremely competitive— managed service providers (MSPs) are always competing with one another, trying to provide the best IT services to clients. Fortunately, the use of MSP blogs can set your company apart and enable you to expand your customer base. Whether you are a new MSP or have been in business for years, the use of blogs can distinguish your company from the rest of the field. Here are six unique ways that you can benefit from blogging:

1. Offer Your Expertise

Writing a blog enables you to offer your expertise related to technology and can help potential clients realize that you are very knowledgeable about the IT world. Blogging about topics on a routine basis can also help future clients feel confident in choosing your company to be their MSP because you are able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the issues facing technology. Over time, you will notice an increase in business due to effective blogging.

2. Interaction

A blog is an excellent way to interact with longstanding clients and potential customers. Blogging about interesting topics related to the IT world can provide a great platform to exchange ideas and offer excellent tips. Enabling comments on blog posts allows clients to interact and ask questions easily. Answering these questions will increase feedback and help you grow your business. With an increase in interaction, you will be able to build a stronger relationship with consumers.

3. Have Fun

Do you need a break from the monotony of work? Blogging can be fun and is a great way to express your ideas or opinions on IT-related subjects. Writing about topics in the IT world is a great way to relax and to take a break from a hectic work schedule.

4. Increases Awareness

Blogging creates awareness and enables you to think about the IT industry, customers, and topics related to managed service providers. Continually writing MSP blogs will broaden your worldview and increase your knowledge about a variety of subjects. Over time, you will have a better understanding of today’s technological world.

5. Keeps You Focus

Have you ever been distracted at work? Unable to concentrate on your job? Writing a blog can help you maintain focus and be much more productive. As you may know, it is easy to get distracted and lose valuable hours. A blog can help you refocus on your content marketing strategy without becoming too distracted. Creating a scheduled time to write a blog will give you structure and help you focus.

6. Great for Public Relations

Continually updating your blog is a great way to increase public relations. Oftentimes, bloggers are interviewed by journalists and can offer their opinions about IT related subjects. This type of free press is an excellent way to reach new customers and increase the awareness of your company.

About our Contributor

IT Support San FranciscoMark McGarvey is president of One Click Solutions Group, a managed IT services in San Francisco and security provider serving small and mid-sized businesses with 20 to 100 employees in the Bay Area. Mark began his career in IT consulting, before living in San Francisco, in the 90s as a senior support technician for a then-small company in Austin, TX called Dell. After working for a number of organizations in desktop support/management and systems administration, Mark realized a passion for two things: Ensuring computer systems ran smoothly and keeping the people that used these systems happy and productive.

This passion helped him get his IT services business started in San Francisco!  As a small business owner, Mark empathizes with other business owners that need IT Support in San Francisco and understands the things dearest to them: Increasing productivity and efficiency and keeping costs low and ROI high.

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