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MSP Business, Uncategorized | July 10, 2017

Six Reasons to Start a Blog for Your MSP Business

MSP Businessstrong>The Advantage of Online Content

An MSP business generally has a longer sales cycle than many other areas where it is integral to generate and act upon leads. With this in mind, you need a long-term content strategy which sources leads continuously and will be worth the money you put toward online marketing. The following are six primary advantages which result from keeping an online blog:

• Simple and direct communication
• SEO fuel
• Professionalism is not always a precise requirement
• Blogs help businesses acquire more clients
• The heart of content marketing is a blog (social media outreach)
• Blogs provide a voice for your business

Simple and Direct Communication

Think back to the technical papers you read while acquiring an education, or the last white paper you perused. Think of technical writing in general. Is it easy to read or is it hard to get your head around? Now think of the last review of a film you read or the last social media post you scrolled past. Those were a lot easier to digest, mentally, weren’t they? They were direct and simple, but they were communicative. Blogs simply and directly communicate the core of your MSP business to new and existing clients. Prospective customers do an online search, they find your blog, and then are quickly able to see whether or not your services match their requirements.

SEO Fuel

A blog that is updated several times a week, or even several times a day, continuously repeats words and phrases which are going to be searched online. As a result, the more blog posts you make, the higher your SEO-rank becomes— provided, of course, that your blogs are properly optimized to fully utilize search engine algorithms.

You Don’t Always Need To Be a Professional

Granted, it’s better to have the knowledge and authority of a professional writer, but with blogs, all you really need to do is communicate. Professionalism in that which is being written is more important than professionalism in prose. Provided you can communicate to your audience in a language they understand, you’ll be able to have a positive effect on operations. More leads come with better blogs. More leads mean more customers. Better blogs are more communicative.

Increased Client Acquisition

Those who land on your blog usually get there because they’ve done an online search. They get there organically. This means they haven’t been forcibly funneled toward you, so they’re more likely to be converted from lead to client.

Feeding Your Marketing Heart

A blog is like the heart of a business through which all the lead “blood” from new clients pumps. You write a blog; you disseminate it through Twitter, Google+, Facebook, guest blogs, etc. More clients come as a result. Blogging gives you a platform.

Define Your Voice

Your blog humanizes your brand and gives it a voice. You can define that voice and tweak it until it sounds how you wish and is propped up to most cohesively reach your largest audience.

About our Contributor

MSP BusinessStephen Monk started Noverus Innovations Inc., an IT Services company serving the entire Sacramento area located in Roseville, California. Stephen started Noverus with a passion for using advanced technology to solve IT support business problems for small and medium companies in the Sacramento area. The company was started nearly six years ago with a focus on bringing state-of-the-art technology like, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, fixed-fee managed services, IT outsourcing and cyber security.
Unlike many other managed IT services providers in the Sacramento area, Noverus take providing amazing customers services extremely seriously to the point of hiring people that understand how important customer service is and then teach their techs the technology skills needed.
Finally, Noverus has made a commitment to never fall behind on the technology curve so that they can always give their customers accurate managed services advice in Sacramento!

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