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IT Marketing | July 11, 2017

The Importance of Thought Leadership in IT Content Marketing

IT marketingGet Your Head in the Game

An IT content marketing plan bears striking resemblances to certain strategic practices. You might liken it to chess. Chess has a number of moves which are so well-known they become associated with those who pioneered them. Now, imagine the pieces on the board as allies in a marketing battle against the other player in the game, whose name is “low profit.” You’ve got to strategically place your “men” and have an overarching goal. As a “thought leader,” you’re directing other players in your marketing game through a premeditated strategy. Part of that requires putting the right people on the right job.

Customer Perception

Another part of proper “thought leadership” strategy— and perhaps the largest part— involves directing the way in which existing and potential customers think about your MSP. The best way to do that is to properly and accurately answer their questions with professionalism. And, like a chess master can anticipate an opponent’s move and structure his strategy around deflecting it, you need to anticipate questions your clients are going to ask. You need to answer them in advance. This truly leads the way they think about your content. Part of that requires structuring answers such that they additionally conform to customer expectations regarding format.

Now, one thing that this can involve— and in the eyes of many content agencies, does involve— is incorporating an original, unique perspective to the answering of questions and the sourcing of clients. But, at the same time, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The goal is to be useful, not idiosyncratic. Too much idiosyncrasy threatens to cross the line into eccentricity, which can be a boon to the acquisition. You need to be a business that clients can relate to, and that means your IT content marketing campaign needs to be structured in a way your clients can recognize.

Spice It Up

To that end, you want ideas to be communicated which most cogently describe the primary features which characterize your brand. Once you’ve identified these featured, be a professionally trustworthy authority on them. From here, your goal should be to stratify your content campaign across the broad variety of formats and media which are most likely to pull in your target audience. Then you want to spice it up. Use humor, use art, use rhetoric, use the muse-rich driver of fascination— whatever can be most effectively sourced and disseminated from your team or those who you’re working with in order to engage clients. In summation, your steps should be:

• Establish a strategy
• Put the right people in the right positions
• Anticipate and answer client questions
• Characterize your brand
• Disseminate content across the appropriate range of formats
• Ensure your authority in information dissemination
• Spice it up to keep interest and entice new clients

Effective Content

When your IT content marketing strategy incorporates this kind of thinking, it will be more effective. Ultimately, it will be more than advertisement and marketing which promotes brand awareness— it will be actually useful to clients. It will strategically answer questions authoritatively in a way which characterizes your offerings and can be seen in multiple areas authoritatively and interestingly

About our Contributor

IT marketingNicholas Fortin is the President and Owner of Nexxen Technologies, which provides IT Support in West Palm Beach. With a wealth of experience in the IT Support and a very real sense of what it takes to run a successful business in Fort Lauderdale, he is the ideal person to help their clients achieve more through a more efficient use of technology.

Nicholas is well versed in the management of computer networks, IT Infrastructure and Operations Services (IOS), as well as in IT services best practices for Boca Raton, due diligence, PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA compliance. Nicholas is justifiably proud of his ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships, not only with their clients and vendors but with his co-workers too. Their 98% customer retention rate is a source of pride to everyone on the Nexxen Technologies, Inc. team too!

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