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IT lead generation | July 12, 2017

Getting Past the IT Lead Generation Hurdles: Designing Effective Content

IT Lead generationMSP Leads vs. Cold Calling Strategies

IT lead generation is going to produce more clientele, statistically, than customers who aren’t sourced from a group of previously acquired leads. Sure, if you go in cold, you may get that one in a thousand client who you wouldn’t have sourced otherwise. But if you go after a pile of leads, you may be able to up that number from one in a thousand to one in ten or maybe even higher. This is why many companies who focus on marketing between businesses are increasing their budgets pertaining to leads.

One of the most effective ways to increase leads and maximize spending on such efforts is through blogging. Studies have shown that B2B marketers who blog increase leads up to 67% over those that don’t. Those are some loud numbers and they’re definitely worth listening to.

Steps to Acquiring the Leads You Want

That being said, you can’t just have any old blog. If you’ve got a blog which continuously features irrelevant content, you’re not going to generate any leads. Well, if you do, it won’t be much different from that which is sourced purely by accident. You need a way of maximizing content creation so that you’re able to have an IT lead generation quotient which is in the hundreds monthly. To that end, these steps can be very efficacious:

1. Research your target market extensively
2. Design landing pages which result in high levels of conversion
3. Engineer effective lead bait
4. Create content
5. Promote created content
6. Don’t neglect social media
7. Use email to nourish acquired leads

Market research is already given— you’re going to do it if you’re serious. If you aren’t doing it, how serious are you? You must know your audience and cater to them directly; this will help you design your landing page. A landing page informed by market research will naturally feature things that cater to particular customers with greater success. Additionally, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to source more effective leads because you’ll have the right bait on your marketing hook.

Certain fish like certain flies; some prefer worms. If you want the really big ones, you’ve got to put a minnow on the end of that hook. With marketing, things aren’t any different. But how you get the bait out there does differ. Sometimes, it’s best to have lead bait through a social media platform, but many recommend email.

If you can design emails with useful content and get them to a ubiquity of businesses which have the need for the kind of services you provide, you’re really conveniently putting a solution before the big fish of your prospective client. Instead of snaring them with a hook, you’re giving them a mutually beneficial meal. But if your content— or bait— isn’t well-researched, informative, and useful, then the fish won’t bite. Additionally, that content must be promoted, and both email and social media are excellent for this task.

A Professional Touch

IT lead generation through MSP SEO Factory is designed to effectively reach target markets that traditionally describe MSP clients.

About our Contributor

IT Support San FranciscoMark McGarvey is president of OneClick Solutions Group, a managed IT services in San Francisco and security provider serving small and mid-sized businesses with 20 to 100 employees in the Bay Area. Mark began his career in IT consulting in the 90s as a senior support technician for a then-small company in Austin, TX called Dell. After working for a number of organizations in desktop support/management and systems administration, Mark realized a passion for two things: Ensuring computer systems ran smoothly and keeping the people that used these systems happy and productive.

This passion helped him get his IT services business started in San Francisco!  As a small business owner, Mark empathizes with other business owners that need IT Support in San Francisco and understands the things dearest to them: Increasing productivity and efficiency and keeping costs low and ROI high.

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