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MSP Sales | July 1, 2017

Ensuring the Progression of MSP Sales Yields Success

MSP SalesSeven Points of Contact between Prospect and Conversion

MSP sales usually take a little bit longer than other sales cycles. This is because when a client goes with an MSP, barring any abstruse difficulty, they’re likely to stay with that MSP. So they commonly search long and hard, weighing options carefully and hunting for the best possible deal. But as you know, sometimes the least expensive option isn’t the best option for a client, just like the cheapest car you can find may not actually yield benefit by the time the smoke clears. So, you want to add value and demonstrate it to clients in order that their expense feels fully justified. To that end, you want to contact your prospective client on a regular basis between the time you are introduced and when they (hopefully) become your customer. It’s going to look something like this:

You are introduced to the prospective client:

1. By the first contact, four out of ten salespeople have given up.
2. About seven out of ten have thrown in the towel by the second contact.
3. By contact number three, eight out of ten are done.
4. When the client is contacted the fourth time, they’re much easier to secure.
5. By the fifth contact, you know the prospect and their needs quite well.
6. If they haven’t come to you by contact six, you’re likely the only MSP trying.
7. By the seventh contact, the client is just waiting to sign with you.

Now, you have a new customer.

Looking Closer

Now, why is it that around four out of ten MSPs give up by the first contact? Well, many are expecting a sale at the point of introduction. They’ve been able to secure such sales in the past and expect every client to be the same. But like buying a bottom-dollar car from a used car salesman, clients may not get the necessary value from a bottom dollar option, so that fast-closing MSP could burn through clients like they’re going out of style— in fact, that’s likely the case.

Something else to consider is that initial contact isn’t usually of the type which may be considered a “meeting.” This contact could be through a direct message which pops up when a possible customer visits your site. It may be through a phone call or an email. Usually, you’re not going to physically meet with the client until the fourth or fifth contact. Certainly, you may physically meet a prospect from the beginning, but this is more likely to be the exception than the rule.

Be In Your Prospect’s Mind

As you can see, the initial stages of client acquisition require a marketing campaign which puts your services directly before them. MSP sales requires visibility. You want marketing which puts your services in the minds of prospective clients before any contact is made. This will save you a lot of hassle and difficulty. But once contact has been made, getting new prospects down the sales funnel to close will often require multiple contacts, so be prepared!

About our Contributor

MSP SalesStephen Monk started Noverus Innovations Inc., an IT Services company serving the entire Sacramento area located in Roseville, California. Stephen started Noverus with a passion for using advanced technology to solve IT support business problems for small and medium companies in the Sacramento area. The company was started nearly six years ago with a focus on bringing state-of-the-art technology like, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, fixed-fee managed services, IT outsourcing and cyber security.
Unlike many other managed IT services providers in the Sacramento area, Noverus take providing amazing customers services extremely seriously to the point of hiring people that understand how important customer service is and then teach their techs the technology skills needed.
Finally, Noverus has made a commitment to never fall behind on the technology curve so that they can always give their customers accurate managed services advice in Sacramento!

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