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IT services marketing | June 26, 2017

Taking a Different Look at Sales for Your IT Services Marketing

IT services marketingPicture this: you’re lounging on your couch at home, watching your favorite TV show, on one of your few days off. After all the time you’ve spent working, you’re starting to relax, closing your eyes and easing yourself into your cushions, smiling and enjoying a rare moment of peace. This moment is quickly interrupted by a sharp set of knocks on the door, and before you know it, you’re face-to-face with a door-to-door salesman, trying to sell you something you neither need or care about, but talking enough that it’d be rude to just close the door in his face.

Everyone’s had this kind of experience before— the obnoxious sales call. Because of that, many people have an aversion to the word “sales’ and even worry about entering that niche as a business. But if you’re working on your IT services marketing, you have to partake in some form of sales and understand it very well.

Redefining Sales

First of all, sales isn’t just being some door-to-door salesman. That’s a very basic form of sales, but it also isn’t very effective because the salesperson usually has no personal investment in what they’re selling. Another common definition of sales is someone working the register in a retail environment, and while this can be true to some extent, it’s also far from an all-encompassing version of a sales job.

So what is sales, really? Simply put, it’s what you do to get people to buy your product. IT services marketing also ties in here, too, though that usually concerns advertisements more than direct consumer interaction. The sales we’ll be talking about here refer to consumer interaction, and that’s an important distinction to point out.

Everyone is Working Sales

First and foremost, everyone is working sales whether they realize it or not; or more accurately, everyone interacts with a consumer in any way. The register guy may be working sales, but so are the in-store assistants, so is the manager walking around the store, and so is the person watching the door. Sales isn’t just telling or convincing someone to buy your product or service: it’s how you interact with them, period. Everything can be a determining factor in whether a sale is made or not.

Secondly, sales works better when you aren’t doing it just for the money. As an MSP, your primary goal shouldn’t be to just make a profit— it should be to provide the best possible service to your clients. Your clients need a stable, secure business network infrastructure, and failing to provide this will likely result in you losing potential profits, too. You aren’t some sleazy door salesman trying to make a quick buck— you’re a service provider trying to help out other businesses!

How MSPs Should Utilize This

First, find passion in your work. You need to be genuinely dedicated to what you do and who you’re doing it for if you want to make the best possible impression to new and prospective clients. Everyone is working sales, so everyone should be thinking about how they can provide the best possible service to their users.

Second, express that passion. If you express that properly when providing a consultation to potential clients, you won’t come off as a needy salesperson trying to make a quick buck. You’ll come off as someone who genuinely wants to help them take their business to new heights, and oftentimes, that little extra is enough to bring them closer.

Sales isn’t a dirty word. Just think about it a little differently and start approaching it in a way that’s focused on genuinely helping your customers. Don’t be a door-to-door salesman. With passion and a solid IT services marketing strategy, you could help clients and your own business become successful— it’s a win-win!

About the Contributor

IT Service San AntonioNathan Rizzo is Vice President of Rx Technology providing Technology Construction and IT Support with Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Nathan served as the Director of Business Development before spearheading the Managed Service Provider team in San Antonio which has turned Rx Technology into one of the premier IT Service firms in San Antonio that provides state-of-the-art cyber security in San Antonio and Texas.

Nathan received his M.B.A. in 2009 from the University of Dallas. Prior to joining Rx Technology, Nathan worked as a managed it services specialist in San Antonio delivering a wide range of offerings for litigation and internal investigations, in addition to government and regulatory requests. He has also been a partner in an interactive web marketing firm.

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