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MSP Marketing | June 16, 2017

MSP Marketing: Understanding the Distinction Between Sales and Marketing

MSP marketingIf you are planning on transforming your business through MSP marketing, you must first understand the difference between marketing and sales. This is an important element which should be taken into account in commercial operations because the results achieved by these two techniques are quite different. In general, both sales and marketing are aimed at increasing the company profits. However, if you assume that they are the same, the potential benefits of these strategies will decline. Consider this discussion on the distinction between marketing and sales in MSP businesses.


You should understand the priorities of both sales and marketing before creating your annual, quarterly or monthly revenue-generating plans. In general, marketing is the management of the relationship between your IT operation and your customers. Your priority when marketing your managed services is to reach the businesses that need your services. In addition, you should also plan on how to keep them in a long-term relationship. On the other hand, the priority of sales is obtaining money from your customer in exchange for your services or products.


The timeline that you need to establish for sales and marketing is different. When planning, you should consider this aspect because it is critical for your continued growth and success. As previously mentioned, the priority of marketing is to build a lasting relation. Therefore, you need to be prepared to put in long-term effort into your marketing strategies. Typically, the results of marketing are not seen immediately, and hard work and consistency are required. For example, one of the most effective methods for MSP marketing is using online content.

The goal of online content is to establish you as an authority in the field of IT. Businesses that require services in your area will build trust in you due to your knowledge. Over time, they will choose you as their expert. The sales alternative is a perfect strategy for getting short-term revenue for the company. The role of a sales expert is to get immediate monetary results for the company by signing up new clients or selling specialized IT products. If you want long-term sales gain, then marketing is crucial in order to build a client base.


There are different techniques and methods which are employed in sales and marketing. If you select the right strategies for each, you can improve the level of your success for both elements significantly. In marketing, you must first analyze the data obtained through market research. This will help you identify the interest of your potential customers in your region. Then, you can use various techniques to entice people into forming a connection with your business.

Normally, marketing is designed to target the general population, like casting a wide net. In other words, you should attract numerous potential buyers if you have an effective plan. The most popular and effective approaches include pricing strategies, incentive schemes, creating attractive packages, sales tracking, and advertising. Sale of goods and services primarily relies on one-on-one conversation. The sales expert must convince the customer that the pertinent IT product or service fulfills the needs of their business.


If you want to develop your MSP brand in your area, you should dedicate time and resources to marketing. This will help you build a trustworthy name in the market. With a good strategy, most people will associate your commercial identity with IT problem-solving. On the other hand, the sales approach is not rooted in creating a brand identity. Instead, it is opportunistic and profit based; the ultimate goal is to meet the targets which are set out.

Regardless of these differences, sales and marketing are both crucial elements for your MSP marketing plan. If you market your services without making sales, you will not gain any profit. If you choose to focus on sales only, you will only get short-term results. Therefore, find the right balance between the two for optimal results.


About our Contributor

Jennifer Holmes is President of MIS Solutions and a Georgia native who, after graduating from Georgia Tech, became an accomplished research virologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. In 2000, Jennifer hung up her lab coat to join husband Lliam at MIS Solutions as President. In the past 16 years, she has led the MIS Solutions team to become the leaders in Metro Atlanta IT Support. MIS Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to provide managed IT services to Atlanta businesses to help them grow and support their businesses. MIS Solutions provides a wide range of IT services to Atlanta-based businesses and, combined with Jennifer’s passion for sharing effective business strategies with her clients, they are able to deliver the best business solutions for each client’s unique environment and needs. In 2013, Jennifer’s leadership and marketing skills won her the title of Spokesperson for the nationally acclaimed Technology Marketing Toolkit, an industry group of over 550 top U.S. She is a graduate of the Leadership Gwinnett program and has acted on the boards of the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Atlanta chapter, Gwinnett Great Days of Service, the Buford/North Gwinnett Rotary Club and the Gwinnett Chamber’s Technology Board.

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