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MSP Blogs | June 5, 2017

Are You Making a Blind Decision on the Value of Original MSP Blogs?

MSP blogsManaged service providers are always struggling to keep pace with the market. Competition in the industry is beyond fierce, with MSPs pulling out all of the stops to differentiate from one another and do all that they can to grow their client base. One of the ways that many MSPs try to stay one step ahead is with that of MSP blogs. The problem, though, is that few understand the value and difference between a quality original blog and one that is syndicated that they just decide to run on a series of sites.

To have this discussion in the first place, you need to understand what the real clarifying difference is between an original blog and a syndicated blog. MSPs can do some great things when they use content to their advantage. They can drive the growth of their client’s web presence and increasing search engine rankings. An original blog is a piece of unique content for one site, while syndicated blogs are copied and run across multiple sites. When it comes to the effectiveness of an MSP’s specific campaign, original blogs always win.

Search Engines Are Smart

Search engines are ingenious and they know the difference between an original blog and syndicated MSP blogs. When Google is trying to figure out, for example, how they want to rank individual sites on the Internet, they are going to look at the content that is out there. If they see that a site has the exact content as a slew of other locations, then those sites are not going to rank very highly.

The sites that are going to get the most attention from Google are those that have original blogs. Unique articles make a site seem like it is an authoritative source for information a reader online may be seeking.

Expensive but Rewarding

The best way to think about original blogs is not just focusing on the cost, but the reward that goes along with using them. As an MSP, if you want to be different, you need to see the real value that original content is going to bring to the table. This kind of content is going to get your clients climbing in the search engine rankings. Even if it means increasing the costs of the services that you are providing, the results you are going to get will speak for themselves and do wonders to bring new customers into the fold.

Original MSP blogs may be more expensive than syndicated blogs, but what they are going to deliver for you makes the return on investment impressive, to say the least. If you want top-ranked results on search engines, original content is the only way.

About our Contributor

MSP MarketingMike Bloomfield currently serves as President Geek at Tekie Geek, a company providing IT support to Staten Island small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2012, Tekie Geek has been offering services like IT consulting in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey areas. Other computer services Tekie Geek offers in Staten Island ranges from providing technical helpdesk support, data recovery in Staten Island. They have been awarded a CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, which is a respected industry credential that signifies the company’s adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

Mike started with computer repair in Staten Island at a very young age and hasn’t slowed down since. He has served in the computer services industry, in Staten Island, as an IT director, Engineer Manager, and a Director of IT/Research and Development. In 2012, he started Tekie Geek with the hope of being a one stop shop for all IT consulting services in Staten Island. When not working, Mike is a true geek and will be watching one of his favorite shows or movies, which include Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Gotham, and much more.

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