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MSP Marketing | June 13, 2017

Do You Both Love and Excel at All Your MSP Marketing Responsibilities?

MSP MarketingDon’t Kick Against the Goads

MSP marketing for your business should emphasize services that your operation excels at and is passionate about. Services that have neither of these qualities would serve your MSP poorly if they were marketed. Should they have any traction, clients will find themselves displeased with results and not look into other, more effective things your business offers.

Diversity of Tasks

You’re going to have quite a few different tasks that must be dealt with when it comes to IT services. Usually, employees qualified for such tasks are going to be in short supply even as the business begins to expand. The owner will often end up taking on the lion’s share of work. Accounting, sales, marketing, operations— all these will end up being on that individual’s plate at one time or another. The thing is when you’re trying to run a business centering around that which you have excellence performing, collateral duties fall by the wayside. This happens because your passion centers on certain skill sets. If you’re really good at programming computers, you’ll likely just give lip-service to sales or marketing. Unless you don’t need sleep and the mere act of performance drives you or you’re some autonomous android, you just can’t do everything.

Effective Delegation

It is important to delegate tasks. You want to find people that are passionate about that which they naturally excel in doing. You want a sales team full of salesmen who look at closing each potential lead as a challenge. You want a marketing manager— or even an outsourced marketing team— that understands how MSP marketing will most successfully be accomplished and glories in seeing those numbers rise. And, speaking of numbers, you want an accountant who thrives on parsing tax code and gets a thrill when they manage to source a legal deduction.

Internal or External Solutions?

For some things, you’ll be able to successfully hire internally. For others, avoiding the outsourced route will fundamentally undermine operations. A great way to think of it is to look at a teenager. They hate everything, don’t they? Send them to do some simple task, they’ll scowl at you, completing it with a minimum of passion and a maximum of attitude, and leaving the task worse off than if it hadn’t been done at all. Well, a teenager is someone in a phase of human development, but you see that same 18-year-old at a concert, they’re hopping around, screaming, smiling, joking, laughing— the picture of life, health, and virility. When they’re passionate, they are passionate. When they’re bored, they’re downright unruly.

You’re going to be the same way with the things which drag you away from that which you love, and so will other employees on the team. Writers shouldn’t be doing custodial work. Custodians shouldn’t be doing marketing work. Managers shouldn’t be trying to do everything.

Maximizing Effective Operations

Proper delegation of tasks is essential to successful operations. So do a few key things to optimize your business:

• Determine what positions need to be filled
• Source those with passion and excellence for specific tasks
• Outsource when necessary

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