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IT Marketing | May 5, 2017

Don’t Just Add Random Services to Your Bundle Offering, This Could Weigh Down Your IT Marketing!

MSP MarketingThe Right Formula

IT marketing companies should offer clients services tailored to meet their needs. Granted, you want clients to purchase packages. If they neglect to get something like, say, BDR support, there’s a very real possibility their data could be lost and you get blamed even though it’s clearly their fault for not sourcing the right kind of support beforehand. So, it makes sense to have all packages come with a certain “baseline” of service delivery— but you still need to be flexible.

What if a client is wise enough to source their own trustworthy BDR solution separate from yours? Are you going to insist on what your business offers until the client washes their hands of you and finds support elsewhere? Not if you’re savvy to the needs of the market, you aren’t. And being savvy requires having available bundles while additionally building packages which specifically fit the needs of your individual clients.

Natural Transitions

Your MSP is going to go through seasons. When it starts out, you’ll likely have a dearth of clients, which will prompt you to acquire more of them. Eventually, you should hit a point where standardizing service delivery— except in statistically rare, minority cases— becomes the rule rather than the exception. But as your MSP business gets going, you’re going to be working to support just a handful of clients— and you want word to get around that your service is superior to other services out there. Word of mouth is some of the most effective marketing you can get.

So, include a caveat in your IT marketing outreach strategies which says something to the effect of: “We can put together packages tailor-made to fit the requirements of your business, or you can choose from a fine array of previously arranged bundles just to help you get an idea of the services we offer.”

Do Your Homework

Don’t be afraid to do some research into potential client needs beforehand. If you understand what they do and what they require to do that, you’ll be able to get something put together for them which intrinsically matches their needs. You don’t want to have clients paying for services they don’t need or can’t use. While this may look good for your bottom line, eventually the client will become cognizant of the money they’re losing and, again, they’ll blame you.

Even though the obligation is on them to review services delivered, if they pay for some frivolous IT provision that’s never used for months on end, you will be the reception point of their frustration. You should never overwhelm your clients with services that they’ll pay for, but will never use or need.

Combined Strategies

When you have a multi-tiered approach that deftly considers client needs and works to meet those needs, rather than to meet a certain monthly quota at the expense of client relations, you’ll not only have more clients, but you’ll also retain them for a longer period of time. To that end, several strategies to help you do this include:

• Tailoring packages to meet client needs
• Having flexible marketing outreach strategies
• Refraining from overloading clients with unnecessary services
• Doing your homework on clients

Our IT Marketing Contributor

MSP MarketingMike Bloomfield currently serves as President Geek at Tekie Geek, a company providing IT support to NYC small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2012, Tekie Geek has been offering services like IT Support in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey areas. Other Managed IT services Tekie Geek offers in Staten Island ranges from providing technical helpdesk support, data recovery in Staten Island. They have been awarded a CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, which is a respected industry credential that signifies the company’s adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

Mike started with computer repair in Staten Island at a very young age and hasn’t slowed down since. He has served in the computer support industry, in Staten Island, as an IT director, Engineer Manager, and a Director of IT/Research and Development. In 2012, he started Tekie Geek with the hope of being a one stop shop for all IT consulting services in Staten Island. When not working, Mike is a true geek and will be watching one of his favorite shows or movies, which include Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Gotham, and much more.

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