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MSP Business | May 22, 2017

5 Tips to Help Your MSP Business Salespeople Become Great Closers

MSP businessSales are a crucial part of your MSP business, and having a team of those skilled at closing is key to your success. Do you know what makes a great closer? If you aren’t aware of the skills that go into closing, you can’t properly train your sales staff how to best bring on new clients. Being a great closer has more to do with listening and developing a relationship than it does on the hard sell.

In this day and age, most prospects will have already researched what you do and identified their own need by the time they talk to your sales staff. Your team simply needs to capitalize on the need and give them enough value to sign on the dotted line. Here are five ways you can help your sales team be great closers:

Help Them Understand and Believe in Your Services

Does your sales team fully understand and believe in your MSP business and the services you offer? Having a passion for what you do and how it can help your clients is key to sales success. If your sales team does not believe in what you offer, how are they expected to convince others they should buy?

Thoroughly training your sales team on your services is vital. Your sales team not only needs to be able to talk the talk, but they also need to walk the walk. Though they may not need to actually perform the tech services you are selling, they do need to be familiar enough with them that they can answer any questions a prospect has.

Tell Them to Ask Lots of Questions

A sales presentation should not be a lecture— it should be a conversation. To learn what your prospects need and how you can best help them, your sales team needs to ask a lot of questions. Before they even begin talking about the services they offer, they need to identify where the prospect’s pain points are, what they expect from an MSP, and what their unique needs are.

Encourage Name-Dropping

Have you worked with other clients who are in the same industry as the prospect? Do you do business with people they regularly network with? Identifying other businesses you serve who the prospect is familiar with can make them feel more confident in your services. This takes a little research before the sales presentation, but will be well worth it.

Show Them How to Overcome Objections

A great closer knows that ‘no’ does not always mean no! Objections should be seen as opportunities. Any sales person who gives up as soon as they hear an objection will be a sales person who rarely closes. Walk through scenarios with your sales team and bring up all the objections you think your prospects will have. Help them come up with responses to each so they are prepared when they happen in real life.

Make Sure They Know When to Follow Up

Sales don’t always happen at the presentation. In fact, most sales come later after a relationship is formed and value is established. Follow-up, therefore, is probably the most important part of the sales process. Encourage your sales team to ask the prospect when they should touch base at the close of every meeting. They should then enter this into their database or planner so they can follow up at the appropriate time.

When your sales team knows how to close properly, they will become more confident and your MSP business will grow. Help them develop great closing skills with the above five tips and you can become a valued partner to all of your clients.

About our Contributor

Michael Goldstein has more than 26 years’ experience in the IT support industry as a Technology Business Analyst in Miami. Michael distills complicated IT issues into real-life, relatable examples and solutions. His engaging delivery style makes him a regular speaker at Association of Legal Administrators, Microsoft, and Chamber Events on the subject of IT services in Fort Lauderdale and south Florida. LAN Infotech is a professional IT support and engineering firm in Fort Lauderdale . They have been delivering high-value IT services to Miami law firms and other businesses for 20 years. March 2010, LAN Infotech was one of the winners in Business Leader Media’s Top 50 Entrepreneur Awards. February 2013 & February 2014 nominated to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition List. June 2013 Named to Top 25 South Florida IT Consulting Firms List, January 2014 nominated to Microsoft Cloud Champions Club, March 2014 nominated to CRN Managed Service Provider 250 List and June 2014 Named To South Florida Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies.

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