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MSP Marketing | April 4, 2017

Are You Using a ‘Canned’ MSP Marketing Presentation?

MSP marketingHow do you sell your services when you do MSP marketing? Many MSPs and salespeople go into meetings completely unprepared. They know the material, so plan to shoot from the hip and alter their presentation based on the prospect and their needs and questions. While this can sometimes work, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Not preparing means you can forget important points, get off track, and easily lose control of the presentation.

‘Canned’ sales presentations have gotten a bad reputation over the years. However, far from being the infomercial-type selling hype they’ve been made out to be, a canned presentation simply means one that’s well-prepared and rehearsed. Here are some reasons why a canned presentation could help you close more deals:

You Won’t Forget Key Information

Your business has unique selling points, and you need to touch on all of them when you do MSP marketing. If you don’t have a planned presentation, you could easily skip over the exact point that would convince the prospect to do business with you. We all have the best intentions when we walk into a meeting. Even if you think you have all your ducks in a row in your head, the smallest hiccup or unexpected interruption could make your mind go blank.

Something as simple as a presentation outline that details the main selling points of your service is enough to ensure you are thorough. This also helps you to organize the points and make sure you’re wrapping up your presentation with the most impactful and persuasive tidbits that you want your prospect to remember.

You Have a Way to Get Back on Track

Sales presentations don’t always go as smoothly as you hope. A hostile prospect or even just a chatty one who wants to visit can easily knock you off track. When you have a set presentation, you can easily see where you left off and know exactly where to pick back up again. This allows you to completely discuss all your main points even if the conversation meanders down an unexpected path.

You Can Still Build in Customization

Too many business owners and salespeople equate ‘canned’ with ‘rigid.’ However, just because you’re using a set presentation doesn’t mean you can’t also customize the information for each prospect. After you make each of your points, you can relate it back to the prospect’s unique business. You can also leave time at the end to do some improvisation based on the feedback the prospect has been giving you throughout the meeting. Set presentations aren’t meant to be given verbatim each time. They’re simply a guideline to keep you on track and thorough.

You Can Build On it to Continue Improvement

When you shoot from the hip, you’ll probably have some presentations that are a big hit and others that fall flat on their faces. There’s no way to improve these types of presentations so you’ll probably find that they continue to be all over the board.

When using a set presentation, you can identify which pieces are working most often and which are getting a lukewarm response. This allows you to alter them by beefing up the successful portions and minimizing the sections that seem to elicit little reaction. By tweaking your MSP marketing presentation after each meeting, it will slowly get better and better.

Your MSP marketing presentation is a vital part of your sales process. When you’ve developed a canned presentation that’s successful in closing deals and bringing on new clients, you can train other salespeople to use it as well. This allows you to continually improve your sales process and fuels growth of your business.

About Our Contributor

MSP BusinessJennifer Holmes is President of MIS Solutions and a Georgia native who, after graduating from Georgia Tech, became an accomplished research virologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. In 2000, Jennifer hung up her lab coat to join husband Lliam at MIS Solutions as President.

In the past 16 years, she has led the MIS Solutions team to become the leaders in Metro Atlanta IT Support. MIS Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to provide managed IT services to Atlanta businesses to help them grow and support their businesses. MIS Solutions provides a wide range of IT services to Atlanta-based businesses and, combined with Jennifer’s passion for sharing effective business strategies with her clients, they are able to deliver the best IT support solutions for each client’s unique environment in Atlanta.

In 2013, Jennifer’s leadership and marketing skills won her the title of Spokesperson for the nationally acclaimed Technology Marketing Toolkit, an industry group of over 550 top U.S. She is a graduate of the Leadership Gwinnett program and has acted on the boards of the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Atlanta chapter, Gwinnett Great Days of Service, the Buford/North Gwinnett Rotary Club and the Gwinnett Chamber’s Technology Board.

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