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marketing for IT | February 11, 2017

Is Your Personal Data Really Secured? If an MSP Offers a Solution to Total Data Security in Their Marketing Strategy, They’re Golden!

Don’t Let Confusion Dispel Your Profit

MSP marketingmust communicate security in cloud solutions in order to help MSPs capitalize on a $1 trillion dollar-market (through direct and indirect spending) over the next five years.

There are factors confusing buyers; security chief among them. In 2016, there were a record number of security breaches. Estimates have 2017 putting that record out the window. But many of these breaches have less to do with cloud transition, and more to do with bush-league security.

By now the story has gone viral, and is as disputed as it’s championed on either side of the political fence, but Jon Podesta reputedly used “Password” for a secure technological component of the DNC. Whether this is true or not, what’s known in the tech industry is that often-simplistic passwords and other naive tech management approaches contribute to tech breaches. As more uninformed people use such techniques, it’s to be expected that instances of hacking will expand.


What your MSP marketing strategy needs to incorporate is acknowledgement of this reality and demonstrable solutions against it. Couple these with statistics relating to profit potential that’s coming about through the cloud, and you’ll be able to demonstrate how effective and secure this technology upgrade really is.

What you’ve got to do is diffuse misinformation via truth. We at MSP SEO Factory offer MSP marketing solutions designed to help you reach confused clients and straighten them out. Contact us to capitalize on the cloud trillion.

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