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cloud marketing | February 12, 2017

Helping Clients Decide Around Data Privacy Can Increase Your MSP Marketing Margins and Improve Their Trust in You

Decreasing Hesitancy

MSP marketing should communicate the security that cloud computing provides to gain clientele trust. With the cloud, data is uploaded into a group of servers representing expanded storage and computational ability. Data is stored in a sort of holographic way across all the servers. Space is “apportioned” for users and utilized for things like Hardware as a Service, Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service (HaaS, SaaS, DaaS) and more.

Systems are continuously maintained while ensuring regular updates of data are encrypted to the needs of an organization. Private or public cloud options are available, though private clouds are more expensive. There are also hybrid solutions combining both.

Security measures like business continuity assurance, data backup and recovery, and proactive monitoring and support are most effectively sourced via cloud computing. As a matter of fact, in the next 18 months, it’s expected that groundbreaking “seismic” activity is set to explode cloud use. MSPs have a prime position of potential guidance for new cloud users, predicating MSP marketing that answers the tough questions, showing how secure the cloud is.

Building Trust

When a business moves large portions of data to the cloud, they need to know that nothing will be lost, everything is secure, and they’ll have the promised upgrade in utility, so hone your MSP marketing pertaining to the cloud. We at MSP SEO Factory have developed a specialized approach designed to demonstrate security, advantage, and the dissolution of concerns among potential clients. The time is fitting. Contact us for profit margin maximization.

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