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marketing for IT | February 2, 2017

Why Is It So Difficult to Hire Marketing People for IT Sales?

If you’ve had little success finding marketing superstars for your IT sales, you’re not alone. Pinpointing marketing gurus to sell IT services often feels like mission impossible. Though plenty of salesmen are looking for work, few have what it takes to successfully sell IT services. Marketing for IT is challenging as this field is highly technical. Sales professionals have people skills rather than technical skills, making it quite difficult to communicate the merits of specific IT services.

Hardware, Software, Networks and Beyond 

The typical salesman knows how to use a computer, but that is likely the extent of his technical knowledge. It’s awfully difficult to ask such an individual to sell IT services in a convincing manner. An in-depth knowledge of IT, as well as relating technologies, is necessary to sell these services with any sort of persuasiveness and confidence. Few succeed as IT sales are much too technical for the average salesman.

MSP SEO Factory Can Help

At MSP SEO Factory, we’ll outline how to hire IT sales superstars in future blogs. We’ll also shed light on how to retain these talented individuals. Reach out to us in the meantime for assistance with jump-starting your MSP website and IT sales leads.

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