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IT services marketing, MSP Rules | February 14, 2017

No IT Services Firm Should Ever Make an Internet Marketing Update Without Keyword Research! (Rule #1)

IT Services MarketingRule Number One: The Importance of Keywords

IT services marketing does have rules, and one of the most important pertains to keywords. When it comes to keywords, you don’t want to put the cart before the horse; it’ll confuse the horse and mess up your cart. Unless of course, your horse can moonwalk, then by all means, dance that stallion. Most of us don’t have such well-choreographed steeds, however. So, learn the rules as pertains to keywords.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is figure out how to properly source keywords. It’s not good to dream up the words and phrases you think will be most important. Listen: if you’re thinking, you’re likely already operating at a cerebral capacity much increased when compared to your target market. LCD means Lowest Common Denominator. Granted, the LCDs who represent the client base of most MSPs are going to be a cut above conventional endpoint users. But you’re not dealing with a cavalcade of “Einsteins” here. What keywords they search for aren’t going to follow correct terminology in most cases, and you’ll be surprised what is and isn’t statistically relevant.

Additionally, you can’t just look at other websites and derive your keywords from them. They’re subject to human error just like you are. They could be firing from the hip without doing research, they could be using ineffective statistics, or they could already have cornered the market on a certain set of keyword applications, and following in their stead will just be an exercise in futility.

Research which keywords of relevance to IT services marketing have high traffic and which don’t. Additionally, this research must be continuous, as keywords are going to transition with time. Cloud computing services weren’t always called “cloud computing services.” Sometimes, this provision was labeled a remote server array. In its initial stages, classification had yet to be formalized.

Do Your Homework

The point is, you need to do your research. This can’t be done singly; it must be a continual process. There are online options where you can check keyword statistics. But what do you do with that information? Do you write one article or three? One blog post or five? How much do you saturate that keyword into your content and how long should that content be? Does your content include pictures? How long are the sentences and paragraphs? Is there any video involved? What about outbound links, subtitles, and bullet lists?
It’s easy to see why professional assistance can really help you in these instances. Through an organization specializing in SEO for MSPs, you can:

• Determine proper keywords
• Determine keyword saturation
• Properly construct content to drive leads
• Experience return on investment

IT services marketing is a burgeoning field of outreach that, in the last 20 years, has become increasingly codified as effective means of reaching clients are discovered and ineffective ones discarded. However, it’s definitely possible to spin your wheels to no effect. This is most likely to happen if you strike out on your own without proper professional assistance. At MSP SEO Factory, we provide marketing services for MSPs which specifically pertain to the modern online marketing atmosphere. We’ve got years of experience and we’re constantly researching our position to provide the best possible online services marketing to our clients. To learn more, contact us at MSPSEOFactory.com.

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