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marketing IT services | January 21, 2017

You Can’t Write IT Services Thought Leadership Marketing Content Unless You’re a Thought Leader!

Borrowed Personalities

IT services marketingthat’s successful will have a component of originality to it that actually draws people in. This is something much easier said than done. You’ve heard the term “thought leader,” right? How about “trendsetter?” They’re not the same thing, but there are many similarities. A thought leader comes up with original ideas that pertain to their particular field of study, while a trendsetter may set trends anywhere. Both represent a statistical minority of the population.

It’s not easy to have original thoughts. It’s even harder to influence other people with those original thoughts and effect positive change or start a movement. If you think it’s easy, by all means, go out and do it. What you’re going to find is that the majority of people have borrowed thoughts, borrowed personalities, borrowed opinions, and a dearth of originality. They’re not terribly creative, and there’s a huge quotient of such creative lack which is absolutely the fault of modernity. We have everything at our fingertips— from entertainment to sustenance, films, music, humor, tragedy, fine foods— you name it, we’ve got it in vast quantities. Not only that, but there are any number of variations suited to fit varying tastes. What need is there for original, interesting, ground-breaking thought when we’ve got all we want, spoon-fed to us daily?

The Human Component

You may not realize it, but most people in modern society is, to some degree, influenced by this reality. People are social creatures— they don’t want to be left out. Exclusion from a group is drilled into the heads of people as a negative thing from the time they’re very young. Being a thought leader means continuously failing until you succeed. It means being an outsider until you figure out what works. This is a process that takes time.

Even if you’re a real thought leader, it’s likely that you’re not a thought leader in every category of thought that’s out there. You may be brilliant at leading thought as a managed service provider, but have you ever written a symphony? Do you think just because you hummed a tune with five notes in it that you’re qualified to score the soundtrack of a film?


Just because you’re brilliant at one thing doesn’t mean you’re brilliant at all things. Nobody is, or do you think Leonardo da Vinci could play football? Just because you understand MSP doesn’t mean you can emerge as an IT services marketing savant. The likelihood is, you need professional services for requisite ROI. Sure, you can fire blindly in the dark a while, but don’t forget: time is money. Just because you don’t pay a direct fee doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost. Opportunity cost is very real and could end up costing you much more in the long run than many realize or are ready to admit.

At MSP SEO Factory, we bring vetted methods to our IT services marketing which include professional thought leaders utilizing an established process. What we do is:



Create content

Optimize content with keywords

Publish content

Promote content

Circulate content through vetted guest blogs

With a long list of successful clients who have achieved top-ranked status, we can save you time and money while increasing return on your investment through quality content drafted by true thought leaders. Interested to learn more? Contact us today!

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