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MSP Sales | January 15, 2017

Is Your MSP Marketing Salesman a Cowardly Lion?

If you’re over the age of 30, you likely remember seeing the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. The cowardly lion was big and strong, yet he lacked one key element for success: courage. The cowardly lion doubted his thoughts and feelings to the point that he was rendered nearly lifeless. Does this sound like your MSP marketing team? It’s a common description of salespeople who find it difficult to close.

The Aggressive Element of Sales 

The sales sphere is often criticized for its manipulative practices and overt aggression. The truth is that the best salespeople really are aggressive. Sales professionals with personal conviction and courage don’t have to resort to manipulative practices to close the deal. Rather, asking pointed closing questions in a confident manner often leads to key conversions.

In reality, many salespeople aren’t interested in selling in such an aggressive way. Too many sales professionals are timid like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. These alleged salesmen lack the courage to ask closing questions that make the difference between a lost prospect and a sale. They’ve become overly comfortable or they lack the courage necessary to take risks when interacting with prospects.

True Salespeople Find Ways to Close 

Part of the prospect conversion process hinges on a determined self-belief. A surprising number of MSP marketing professionals attempt to talk prospects into a purchase, only to fall short at the very end. These salespeople get as far as setting appointments, yet they ultimately prove incapable of converting prospects into paying customers. The bottom line is that successful sales professionals know exactly which questions need to be ask and what comments need to be made. Furthermore, they have the gumption to speak those words.

True sales professionals are not stricken by the fear that plagues a large percentage of their colleagues. They know exactly how to phrase sales pitches in a manner that persuades potential customers into going beyond the setting of an appointment. They close the deal, generate revenue and bring paying customers on board who have the potential to remain loyal across posterity.

Fear Has No Place in Sales

The best sales professionals have no fear— they’re the antithesis of the cowardly lion. They thrive when the prospect of fear hangs overhead. This is exactly what your organization needs!

Genuine sales professionals understand that some prospects will end the call in seconds. They’re willing to take risks after going through the introductory portion of their script. These risks certainly have the potential to backfire and rub some customers the wrong way. But, risk-taking also has the potential to lead to more than an agreement to meet in-person.

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