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MSP Marketing | January 28, 2017

Ranking #1 on Google is Like Having Your MSP Marketing Ship Come In!

MSP marketing, in terms of top ranking in Google searches, is an art that few MSPs have mastered or understand its importance. Having their websites ranked number one on Google rankings presents a puzzle that most are unable to unravel. They find themselves thinking of the huge benefits they’d acquire with images of Google searches with their name dazzling at the top of every list. However, ranking for every search term known in the industry is impossible, so it’s essential that you get over the thought as quickly as possible. Ranking on Google takes much more and there are a few things which you can come up with to improve your Google ranking. Most MSPs have employed different strategies to rank high on Google, but they’re still not getting the leads they want. The marketing game has evolved from what it was few years ago— ranking top of Google needed a blog and just a few keywords, which is simply not the case nowadays. You need a strategy that’ll include lots of work every month and consistent work through out to build your rankings. This comes with huge benefits. Most MSP companies have never tasted the massive success that comes with being #1 on high-volume keywords, hence they don’t understand why it should be top priority. Some of the benefits include:

  • More traffic – Google is the number one search engine with 12 billion searches a month. The main goal for MSP marketing through Google is to generate more traffic to your website. Moreover, 93% of most buying decisions begin with an online search. The trick to gaining traffic through Google is in obtaining first page rankings since they get 91.5% of Google traffic, as most potential clients will not bother going beyond the first page.
  • Increased business legitimacy – It’s a fact that web visitors assume that top websites on the first page on Google are the most authentic. It’s definitely a psychological game, which gives you an advantage since it does not matter if it is a small or large company. Top ranking certainly improves the authenticity of your business.
  • Better business image – The Internet is a competitive tool where getting better ranking will bring success to your company. This is because it creates a respectable image among competitors and customers alike.
  • Increased business opportunities – Ranking top on Google is an excellent opportunity for your business, since Google displays 10 results on the first page when potential clients search for specific terms based on page ranks and relevance of information. Staying on top of Google rankings, however, is a challenge that MSPs should strive to achieve since it’s equally as hard as getting there.

Ranking number one Google searches is a beneficial asset that can’t be ignored in MSP marketing due to the massive success it brings to your company in terms of increased number of potential clients as well as other benefits. If you dream about turning your website into the top rank on Google and don’t understand how to go about it, then we at MSP SEO Factory are your best bet for excellent results. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help your business.

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