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MSP Marketing | January 14, 2017

Syndicated Blogs Are Blinding MSPs From the Marketing Truth!

There are some MSP marketing professionals who opt for syndicated blogs to boost their rank and get more customers and sales. Unfortunately, this effort is not as effective as some believe. After all, how can you solidify your position as a thought leader in the industry if you’re using someone else’s content? The fact is, syndicated blogs are similar to pulling the wool over the eyes of MSPs who want to know the truth.

Some of the reasons why it’s best to avoid syndicated content and stick to original thoughts that are all your own include:

Syndication Can Have a Detrimental Effect on Your Entire Audience 

One of the most common issues with syndication is that people who would read the content on your website are now able to visit another site and avoid yours altogether. In some instances, this isn’t the case; however, it’s worth considering.

Also, many readers hate to see the same content over and over again when searching. In fact, if the same article pops up three to four times in a Google search, they’re going to avoid it altogether, resulting in you losing potential visitors to your website.

There’s No Way to Update the Syndicated Content

Another issue that MSP marketing professionals may run into when using syndicated content is the inability to update what’s written. While you can keep the version on your site up-to-date, versions on other sites, which include your links and brand name, are going to become outdated. Even worse, since you’re usually syndicating on sites that have a higher search ranking and better SEO to help your site, the sites that have the outdated information may begin to rank higher than your site with the information that has been updated.

Inability to Earn Revenue from Selling Ads

Also, you can’t earn anything from ads on your syndicated content. While this is a minor consideration, you have to keep in mind that whoever is posting the content is going to monetize their site. You’re not going to earn a penny, but they’re going to.

Original Content Wins Every Time

Regardless of your niche, industry, or the size of your business, having original content that’s found nowhere else online is the best way to earn a top spot in the search engines. If you can’t find the time to create your own unique content on a regular basis, consider outsourcing it to a professional writer. These individuals understand SEO and can help you remain relevant and ensure visitors come back time and time again to read what you have to say. This helps to solidify your position as an expert or authority in the field.

Are you an MSP marketing professional who’s struggling to rank while using syndicated content? If so, you need to rethink your strategy now. Our team at the MSP SEO Factory has been working to expose the truth behind these efforts for years. We can help you achieve a top rank and get your phones ringing. With our help, you are going to find it easy to close new leads. Contact us today to learn more!

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